Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ish yer birfday, Hubs.

Just popping in for the fun of it, darlings.

Yesterday was the Hub's 28th birthday. It was low key, since I'm suddenly fun-employed and we're also vacationing in 15-days. 
The Hubs got some great birthday cards in the mail, and a couple of little care packages from my family in the States too!

I made him a a yummy birthday cake, homemade lasagna, and even a loaf of my famous banana bread, which the Hubs is all about.

He's off to football practice now, and I'm hanging out with the pups watching one of those hoarding shows on the discovery channel...
I'm only mentioning that because I have to share something that I thing is hilarious and awesome, and those of you not familiar with the Scandinavian languages, won't know about...
I do not believe that the psychological illnesses that cause hoarding are funny or something to make fun of, so please understand that, first and foremost.

So, in Norwegian (and I believe possibly some of the other Scandinavian languages) the word for hoarding, is literally a verbalization of the noun, Hamster. Yes, as in the tiny, smelly little rodent that children keep as pets.
So in the Norwegian subtitles, these people are hamster-ing.

Genius, right?

I thought so.


Hey guess what?

I stole this from my darling girl Sam's blog!

1.   My favorite new blog of the moment is  probably between the blogs of Kelle and Sonya!
2.   Something I am thankful for is  I'm so thankful for the countless blessings the Lord has given me! My beautiful home in the country (what I always wanted), my amazing Husband, pets, family, friends, and most of all for the salvation and amazing grace given to me (and all of you!) by Jesus Christ! 

3.  Something that made me laugh this week was  the DVD's of the 2nd season of 'An Idiot Abroad' that we just got in the post today. Oh, Karl.

4. An item that is currently on my wish list is  a few of the Disney dvd/blu-rays that have come out recently ;)

5.  I am excited about  going to Seattle to see my family in 15 days!:D

6.  If I were a color I would be   green!

7.  My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is by  cuddled up under a quilt, on the couch with the Hubs, the pups, and a good book or movie. :)