Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day...or something.

Well, my darlings, for all of us Americans, both at home and abroad, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Not trying to garner sympathy or anything, but yours truly will be all alone tomorrow. With the puppies, of course, and in my beautiful, dream house...but still. All alone. *sad face*

Since yours truly also doesn't eat meat, there will obviously be no traditional Thanksgiving dishes served up in depressing single size portions.

And I am truly, truly bummed.

The Hubs is in Germany this week, and when his business trip got scheduled, he totally didn't realize (being as he also didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving here in Norway) that he would be missing it, and thereby leaving me alone.

So he left early on Monday and will be back this coming Friday, later in the afternoon. Sure I'm disappointed about not celebrating Thanksgiving this year, but I'm more upset about having to spend so much time away from the love of my life. :(  I HATE sleeping in our giant bed without him. Not making dinner for him (even with all the stinky meat-dishes I make every night for him!), or doing his laundry...


I'll be one happy gal when he finally touches down safely in Norway again, and comes home to me. :)

So even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'll probably be making myself an entirely unexciting quick dinner, I am thankful. And I hope you all are too!

Have you been participating in the 30-days of thanks challenge? Or been following someone else's list?

Here's my statements from the past few days...

Day 18: Today I'm thankful for my trademarked lazy biotch dinner: fish and chips from my oven, y'all. Lazy, AND delicious. NAM.
Day 20: Today I'm thankful for being so incredibly blessed that I can't even pick something to single out. Thank you Lord, for my life. :)

Day 21: Today I'm incredibly thankful that my Husband made it to Germany for his business trip, safe and sound. Miss you, babe!
Day 22: Today I'm thankful for giving myself an hour of Bible time before bed last night. Making that a habit? I definitely think so.

Today:  I'm thankful for friends that drive all the way out to my house for a visit during my lonely week. :D

Whoops! Look like I missed a day back there last week...oh well. I am a truly blessed lady. Everyday. No matter what I get around to tweeting.

I hope all my fellow American readers have an amazing experience tomorrow on Thanksgiving. That you all will be able to be with your family and loved ones (ahem, unlike me! ;) ), have some amazing food, and really count your blessings. What are your family Thanksgiving traditions?

On that love-y family note, the Hubs and I are leaving for Seattle in 21-days now. 
Then I'll get my big, loud, yummy family time too. I can't wait! :D

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!