Monday, December 12, 2011

2 days and counting!

So as you can see by the title of this post, our epic Seattle countdown is suddenly not so epic.

As in only 48-hours away.

Less than that even, if you're going by what time we leave our house on Wednesday morning, to begin the epic trans-Atlantic, trans-continental journey to Seattle...

Oh yeah, on that note, we got an itinerary email just this morning that our flight from Stavanger on Wednesday is leaving one hour earlier than originally planned...since it is an international flight (to our connection destination of London Heathrow airport) we have to then be at the airport, which is an odd couple hours and ferry ride away from our house an additional hour earlier than planned...

Long story short: we have to be on the road well before 5am on Wednesday. Packed and ready to rock.

Have I mentioned before that neither the Hubs nor I are really morning people?

Yeah, not looking forward to Wednesday.

It's so weird, y'all! Like the biggest conundrum ever! My Mom called last night, all excited to see us in a couple days (after a LONG two years!) and I feel like I totally disappointed her, because I'm all nerves and dread about the trip still!

Obviously, I am SO excited to see my family, and my dearest American friends. Spending the holidays 'at home' in the States, a big fat family Christmas like I've never had before? It's making my head spin! :D

But unfortunately, me, the reigning Miss Worry 2011...or, erm, Mrs. Worry 2011?
Anyway, I can't get excited I don't think until the Hubs and I are safely on Washington state soil on Wednesday afternoon! Then at least we'll be alive after hurtling through the air for an obscene amount of time, and have made all our flights and ferry crossings, and all that!

It's no secret, I am TERRIFIED of flying.
I've been an airborne traveler for literally my whole life (since infancy!) but it just doesn't get any easier for me. It just feels so unnatural! I'd much rather be on boats, trains, cars and more land/sea-based craft any day, regardless of how much more time it takes than flying.

And since I haven't been in an airplane for over 2-years now (literally! crazy huh?), I am one big stress/fear monster at this point.
Usually I have anti-anxiety medicine prescribed for me before I travel so I'm actually able to board a plane and not be in total hysterics. (True story, folks. No joke.)
But this time around, that just isn't happening.
So a stone-cold sober me will be, tears and all I'm sure, hopping on one of those dreadful little pond-skippers from Stavanger, Norway, to Heathrow airport in London on Wednesday...then shortly after, a HUGE plane to get all the way across the Atlantic, and essentially ALL of the continental US.

I literally start shaking and getting nervous at the thought!

So I just hope my Mom can understand the hurdle it takes me to get to our awesome family time, and why I'm just centered on that at this point!
I promise I'm excited, everyone, really I am!

Also though, and ON TOP of how 'effing terrified I am of getting on aircraft, I'm easily just as worried and stressed about leaving our furry babies here in Norway, with family for all three weeks, AND our beautiful new home standing empty for just as long.

My belly feels like one big ugly tangle of nerves, pretty much 24/7 lately, because of all this.


flying + leaving dogs & house alone on other side of planet for three weeks straight = FREAKED OUT KIRSTIN.

So instead of packing the luggage stacked in the foyer, or just making one of my trademarked, OCD-ridden packing lists, or even cleaning the two crusty bathrooms here in the house today, as I SHOULD be doing...I've camped out under a fuzzy blanket on the couch. Have just painted my nails, and am sipping tea while watching The Family Stone.

We all have different ways of coping, folks.

Mine is occasionally crashing&burning, while uncharacteristically abandoning my daily cleaning/organizing schedules.

So I've temporarily emerged from my stressed out, couch-camping state just to blog real quick, and have a little vent-session.

I'm sure you all have enjoyed it. LOL.

Anyway. I'll post from the States I'm sure, at couple times at least, and until then, just keep an eye out for my tweets (posted on the left side column here on the blog) for mini-updates.

Finally, I am, of course, sincerely wishing you all a lovely, relaxing week, and appreciating any calming vibes, prayers or words of encouragement for my coming travels/week. Eep.
With all my love, your very own, Queen of Worries.