Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is that even possible already?

Well darlings, December is officially here!

Can you believe it? I feel like this year has just flown by, and now it's nearly over already!

So anyway, with less than a month until the holidays (crazy!), I thought I would take this post to share with you all some of my favorite holiday movies to cuddle up with my family and loved ones, and tune into!

That's just a little taste, LOL!

I know that everyone has their own family traditions for the holidays, including different films to watch together. And my family does too! It seems like the television is always on in the background during our festivities, showing some kind of holiday movie!

Once the Hubs and I are in the States, I was thinking of sharing my family's traditions with you all, and would LOVE to hear about some of your own!

So what are your family holiday traditions? Do you celebrate with church/temple services? Presents? Special food? Family movies?

I just love this time of year, and in 13-days the Hubs and I will be in Seattle with my family to celebrate it.
The Hubs and I decided not to decorate the new house for the Christmas, since in the time we'll be on vacation they will come and go, and I would have probably taken decorations down in that same time frame anyway. I know it's the most logical decision, and makes things the most sensible for us before we leave(and when we get back)...but I DO wish we had a tree, lights up, and all that. *sigh* Oh well.
Next year!
Plus, my Mom will have, I'm sure, as always, have gone all out with the decorations at her house by the time we get there!


Not about the flying part. That part I'm frankly terrified for...but it's an means to an end, right? An end with my family, in the States, after two VERY long years.

How will you all be celebrating? And are you preparing your homes/gifts/traditions already?