Tuesday, December 6, 2011


That's right, my darlings, out here at our little country castle, we've had the beginnings of some serious snow for the past few days!

We've probably got a couple solid inches of lovely white stuff covering our domain.

Being a born and raised Midwestern girl, I DO love the sight of big, lazy, graceful snowflakes drifting down from Heaven. *sigh* It's so relaxing, isn't it? I could sit at our windows and watch them all day!

And I even made a little iphone video just now (with appearances by the puppies of course!) to show off all our snow...sorry, my annoying video-voice is also featured. Oh well.

I was just standing in the doorway of our deck to film, looking out on the front yard and drive up to the house.

It gives you a bit of an idea anyway, and for whatever reason, tiny videos from my phone will upload just fine...enjoy!