Monday, January 9, 2012

Nearly a month already?!

So that's how long it's been since my last entry, huh?


I really can't believe I haven't been around in that long, and do apologize for my extended absence. I did plan on blogging while at my Mom's house in the States while we were on vacation, but as it turned out, the internet situation around those parts is sketchy at best...

So excuses excuses, anyway, I'm back now! :D

The Hubs and I landed safe back in Western Norway late this past Friday night.
All our luggage came through unscathed, and aside from a ridiculously long layover at the Heathrow airport, some bumpy moments on our flight from Seattle, and terrible airplane food...we made it! :)

And as you all might remember, I'm not the best flyer, but I think in general I did pretty well on both flights, despite no anxiety medication of any kind both ways of the screaming or real crying, I'm proud of myself!
(That sounds a little messed up, now that it's written out. LOL. Oh well.)

So the vacation itself was nice. Seeing my family and a few close friends from high school and college was amazing. My Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother even made it up to Washington for the Christmas week from Nebraska.
Unfortunately there was a fair amount of family drama during the holidays too, but what's Christmas without a good old family brawl or two, right?

I'm sure I'm not alone on that one...right?

But it really was nice. The Hubs and I shopped until we dropped and managed to get everything aside from a modest box (yet to be shipped from Mom's house) home with us in our luggage. We visited Seattle a few times, hit up the aquarium, and even went down to Tacoma where we graduated from college.

There was a bit of reverse culture shock for me though, I think. Being in LARGE public places where people are generally louder, everything is open 24/7, and English is widely spoken too?

Weird, folks.

So anyway, all in all, I had a nice time and hope my family/friends did too when I was around. There's always a few tears when my Mom insists on walking me all the way to the security check-in at the airport (which is pretty much always), and I know I won't see her for a that part was kind of crappy. :(

But at least I know that we won't let another 2-whole years go by this time around between visits, like we did before!


So this first week back home in Norway has gotten a shaky start at best.
The Hubs hasn't unpacked yet, I barely got my things put away, the house (while still standing and just fine) is filthy (by my standards) and because of the fantastic phenomenon known as jet lag, I can barely keep my eyes open every evening & morning, and still haven't wrapped my head around the 9-hour difference we made it through from Seattle to Norway.

So the ambitious plans I had of putting everything away neatly, cleaning the house from top to bottom and quickly restocking our kitchen with fresh groceries...didn't actually go down this last weekend as I had hoped.

The Hubs and I did manage to get the shopping done just today, I sort of cleaned our bathrooms, and got a few loads of laundry done...I'm hoping that in the next couple days I'll be able to be a bit more productive and generally functional.

Because at this point, I pretty much just want to sleep most of the time.
As in, I force myself to wake up and make dinner for us, eat and do fancy things like bathe.

Oh the glamour of bouncing through a 9-hour time zone difference!

So I hope you all had an amazing Christmas season, a fun New Years and are recovering well from both!

And don't worry, the next blog entry will happen sooner than a month from now. Promise. ;)