Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not nearly as crazy as the last entry...

but having news that is crazy on every single post would be pretty exhausting, wouldn't it?

Since my life, like many people's is not necessarily a no-holds-barred thrill ride every second, those super crazy, life-changing posts won't come every week.

Sorry to disappoint! ;)

I just wanted to pop in to say thank you, so much for all the sweet wishes and congratulations that were left concerning my last entry about the family member to-be in the our little family's life.
The Hubs and I both appreciated and loved every one of them, and each comment meant a whole lot.

Like I said before, we couldn't be more excited to become parents this summer, and will be sure to share all kinds of breaking pregnancy-related news over the next few months so that everyone can stay updated. :)


So this past week, I think I've nearly gotten my system readjusted to our time zone, and haven't been waking up around 4am nearly as much...

Mind you, shaking this jetlag WHILE being exhausted and pregnant has been hellish and super difficult...and yesterday I fell asleep on the couch around 7p.m. while watching Once Upon a Time with the Hubs, woke up before midnight, stayed up for another odd hour, then passed out until 10a.m. this morning.

Sleep for the win, I guess.

I've been a lot more tired in general for weeks and weeks now, and since tomorrow marks me hitting the 12-week mark of my pregnancy, and thus nearly the end of the first trimester, I'm hoping I'll be able to be a little more lively and awake soon.

I've heard from many moms already that I should get as much rest as I feel like I need while I'm pregnant, before there's a newborn to take care of 24/7...but it's weird being so tired and wanting to sleep so much!
Definitely not something I'm used to, even if it has been the case for a while now.

Finally, along with being proud of myself for sleeping through the night last night, and at the risk of jinxing it all together, just a couple of days ago, I woke up with an actual appetite, little-no urge to vomit, and was able to eat like a fairly normal person.

Now that, is crazy.

So suddenly being able to eat is pretty rad, and I'm trying to stock up on calories to make up, just a little, from what I missed out on while nauseated for weeks on end recently.

Also since regaining my appetite the other day I cannot get enough ramen noodles.

Random, but they have been SO delicious, you guys.

So I know the old wives tale goes; when you crave something sweet, you're having a girl, cravings for salty/sour things means you're having a boy...

So I guess this week leaves me with this question: if you just want to eat ramen noodles all afternoon, what then?