Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Officially the craziest entry yet.

Oh really? , you might be asking... What's so crazy about it?

Well my darlings, I have officially decided to drop the bombshell today.
With the near epidemic-level of my facebook/personal friends in the same situation (or recently out of it), you could even say I'm jumping on the bandwagon, really.

So here it goes. Yours truly, hopping out of the closet...or, as it were, the nursery closet...

Is it super gross to post photos of something you peed on?

That's right, folks: The Hubs and I are expecting.

I've been sitting on this information for well over a month now, and even though I've been cautious (*ahem* paranoid *ahem*) about when and who I divulge this little gem to, as of just yesterday, I decided that it can officially be public knowledge.

As of today, I'm 11 weeks along (so due the first week of August)...and it's the 11th of the month, so it seemed kind of groovy to share it now...

Plus yesterday I had an appointment with my family doctor just to check in after our long holiday vacation to the States, and ended up not just with my scheduled blood/urine tests, but also a little inpromptu ultrasound.

So I have officially seen the little nugget growing in my belly. He/she waved at us during the scan, even.

I haven't actually gained any weight yet, so no belly to speak of just yet...but my lower abdomen is pretty hard most of the time...I can't wait to pop and be showing! (Heehee, there's some checkered undies in the background in our bathroom there. Not my undies, btw. LOL)

It was officially the most beautiful, amazing, unbelievable thing I have ever seen in my life.

It's little heart was beating strong, it was a 'perfect' size for 11-weeks, and even doing fetal acrobatics for the camera.

I'm pregnant. 
For real. Yesterday officially erased all the weird, scary, first trimester doubts and worries in my mind over the whole thing.

Just to be clear and official about it too: yes, the timing of this blessing was planned on our part. The Hubs and I are sneaky little devils like that, I guess. ;)


So I'd also like this opportunity to apologize to anyone that I might have visited with while the Hubs and I were in the States for vacation, that I did not share our news with...

I sincerely do not want anyone to be offended, and we literally only told immediate family and a few other souls up to this point in time.
If you were not one of these peeps, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't feel left out, or take it personally.
It was really hard not to just spill the beans with everyone, but a decision that I don't really regret either. Until I saw that precious creature on screen yesterday I was pretty much consumed with fears and worries both sides of the crazy mark.

Now that I've officially been told that the little one looks great, and that any signs of naturally occurring first trimester issues can be pretty much tossed out the window, I want to share our amazing news with everyone.

So please be happy for us, all you priorly uninformed people that we/I may or may not have hung out with in the States. We really love you. I promise. <3


So I've also had morning sickness on and off pretty much 24/7 since I saw those three positive test signs up there...meaning during our vacation I felt terrible pretty much the whole time. It definitely put a bit of a damper on some of the plans the Hubs and I had originally made for the trip...

Obviously I didn't end up getting any tattoos, eating proper sushi, or visiting nearly as many of the dining locations or people we had been dreaming about before the blessed news dropped...

I also ended up missing the Christmas Eve & Day services at church (thus didn't get to wear my Christmas dress either ): ), for literally the first time in my life...I happened to be curled around a bucket in various stakes of consciousness at the time.

Also, this is obviously why I couldn't be medicated as usual to fly...and probably why I still feel dreadful and exhausted since we got back on Friday.

It's not all glamor, kids...but worth it already. :)