Thursday, February 9, 2012

15- and counting

As of yesterday, I am now 15-weeks pregnant.

Time, it sure does fly, folks.

But at the same time, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever already! Maybe it’s because up until recently I felt SO sick all the time...that really does make you feel preggers, I guess.
Hits it home a little more.

Anyway though, I’ve been feeling pretty alright at least, over the past few weeks, and as you all know, I started at my new (temporary) job just two weeks ago.
I might have an appetite back, and not feeling super nauseated 24/7 anymore, but now the biggest issue is how tired I am.

I told the Hubs just last night, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever ben so tired in my entire life, as I have been these past few weeks.

I’m so thankful for my new job that will enable me to reap full pregnancy benefits starting this summer, and for the first year of my child’s life...but trying to adjust to my new daily schedule while being pregnant, is definitely not easy.

I’ve been getting up around 6:00a.m. every morning, getting ready for work, making my lunch for the day, and taking care of the pups before getting out the door and on the way to work at 7:15a.m. at the latest.

Then aside from a half hour lunch, and a couple of little 5-10 minute breaks, I’m on the clock until 4:00p.m./16:00. Monday – Friday.

Obviously afternoon naps are out of the question with a schedule like this.
Also, it’s not like my responsibilities/chores at home are thrown out the window with the presence of this new job, nope.

(Disclaimer: when I say ”chores” or something similar, these would be things and areas of homekeeping that I enforce and insist upon myself. No one else. And no one MAKES me do these things. Also, I may or may not have been labelled a ”clean freak” at more than one point in my life.)

So when the Hubs and I get home from work everyday (at least we’re in the same building and can carpool back and forth together), I have dinner to make, stuff to clean, laundry, pup care, etc., to look forward to.

My little baby bump and I, are pretty much exhausted 24/7. 

Yesterday, I went to bed at 8:00p.m./20:00, and slept all the way until 6:30a.m.

And guess what?

I’m still freaking tired.

Obviously, sleeping in late during the weekends, and hitting the sack as early as possible most weeknights, is not enough to pull me out of this pit-of-tired where, as of recently, I reside.

I will just have to push my way through the tired, try my best at work, and at keeping my home up to my own fancy standards...tired or not.


In non-tired related news...

Check this mini-bump out!

Not gonna lie, it totally astounds me and makes me grin, multiple times a day. :)
I knew, obviously when I found out I was pregnant, that a growing belly would eventually come with the territory...
but as of maybe two weeks ago, I started waking up with an increasingly larger belly. It still bloats up a bit during the course of the day, especially after I eat meals, but unlike a month ago, it doesn’t ever actually flatten out again afterwards.

I think I’m officially moving into obviously pregnant –looking territory, instead of the dreaded is she pregnant, or just chubby/bloated? turf. Thank the Lord!

The Hubs and I went to the midwife for the first time ever, just yesterday too.

As soon as I shook her hand and walked into her office, she smiled and exclaimed
”Well look at you! You’re already getting a nice little belly!”

I’m actually looking forward to working with her during my pregnancy now, she proved to be a super nice lady...even though the Hubs claimed she was ”a total hippy”. LOL
(Funny he noticed something like that...being as he’s married to a confirmed hippy. Hmm.)

She’s the head midwife honcho in our county, and speaks perfect English too, which was a plus...we spoke Norwegian pretty much the whole appointment, but it’s just good to know that if I feel stressed out about something and/or really need to clarify myself with English-language terminology, it won’t be a problem.
(Also, small world: my midwife lived in Edmonds, Washington for two years of her life. CRAY.)

She sent the Hubs and I away with tons of reading material, and we set up our next appointment together for April.
In the meantime, I’m going to check out some exercise group/classes for preggers like myself...maybe I can meet some future mommy-friends in the area. J

The appointment wasn’t real similar to check-ins that you would have with a midwife/OBGYN in the States...for example: we didn’t get a doppler or ultrasound reading (and ordinarily only get one included in the automatic government coverage during the course of the entire pregnancy), she didn’t weigh or measure me at all, and we just ended up talking about my medical history and the pregnancy so far.

It was a nice appointment and all, getting some familiarities established, and a schedule of sorts figured out...but I WAS really hoping to hear or see my little nugget. :(

The thing to look forward to though: we have our ultrasound date now!

Yup, the official, big, fancy ultrasound. The ONE that we get as part of our prenatal care…

The one where we see just what kind of bun is a-bakin’ in my oven!

March 14, we’ll know if we have a son or daughter on the way.

We can’t wait, so stay tuned!