Thursday, February 23, 2012

Revelations, y'all.

I would never hide anything from you, my darling readers...but truthfully: the Hubs and I have been sitting quietly on a couple of things lately...

The first thing has only been in our lives for the past odd week...but there’s also something I’m now going to share that has been in the works since November.

What can I say? We’re sneaky ones! ;)

So anyway, the little thing that just happened last Friday, but we’ve kept quiet on is...*drumroll, please*... that on the way from work to a routine grocery shopping trip the Hubs and I had a little accident in the car.

Let me first say that we’re both totally fine (the little one too!), both occupants of the other vehicle were also just fine, and I’ve even talked to my midwife since the accident just to check in. People-wise, we’re gold...

Our car on the other not so great.

In short: I was behind the wheel, and we were heading up an off-ramp toward the shopping center, around the curve of this off-ramp there was a car stopped (with no indicators on, plus he had the right-of-way, and no reason to be stopped I might add!) that I couldn’t brake hard enough in time for before we collided with the back end of their vehicle.

It probably would have been a routine fender bender situation, if the car we hit DIDN’T have a HUGE trailer hitch sticking out from the back of it.

So the car we rear-ended made out just fine. Our car, on the other hand, sort of wrapped its grill around the hitch and by the time we had pulled over into the nearby gas station parking lot to assess the damage, our radiator fluid was totally drained out on the pavement.
Not a pretty sight.

There weren’t any police involved, as everyone was fine...except for our poor little car. We had to get a tow to the service station, then had the Hub’s dad pick us up and take us home while the Hubs chatted away to the insurance companies.
(My father-in-law also, the SWEET man he is, insisted we went ahead and finished the shopping we had set out to do, after he picked us up from the shop. He dropped us back off there and just waited around while we picked up our groceries! Hormones be damned, I cried it was so sweet and unnecessary of him!)

Thankfully, the Hubs shells out some serious dough for a premium insurance plan every month, so despite our little mishap, we’re going to be alright.
We picked up a rental car on Saturday (thanks again to a ride from my father-in-law!), and got the report from the shop/insurance company the other day that our car will be ready and all fixed up by the beginning of next week!

We’re just glad it wasn’t a serious collision, no one was hurt (especially our little one!), and our car isn’t totaled! Other than a reasonable deductible we have to payout (as reasonable as deductibles here in Norway will come!) we’re pretty much in the clear.

I will at this point mention that we’re driving around in a brand new fancy-pants rental car that the Hubs is besotted with. It’s kind of like driving a spaceship. Which has obvious appeal for him...and most men, I would think.
I think he’ll genuinely be sad when we have to turn it in again and get our own, slightly less technologically advanced car back...that poor Husband.

So there you have it. Secret #1, divulged.


The second and slightly more juicy tidbit that the Hubs and I have been more or less keeping to ourselves since last November, does not involve insurance companies, accidents or’s of a lifestyle nature, you could say...

The Hubs and I have done a lot of thinking and praying and decided, at the end of last year, that we would, God willing, enter the foster care system here in Norway.

Meaning, Summer 2013, after I’m done with the entirety of my paid maternity leave from the job I’m working just now, and pending the county officially certifying us as a placement home, we’ll become foster parents.

It will be my full-time job. Meaning I can dedicate myself fully as a mother/homemaker to my own biological child that we be here in August, and any child that would be placed with us.

I am truly excited, and feel called to do this.

I know it won’t be smooth-sailing 100% of the time, and too often, children in the foster care system have various behavioral problems they are battling with because of whatever situation they were removed from in their parent’s homes.

But I think this is something the Lord really wants me to do, and I will be good at too.

We have a beautiful home in the country with lots of room for children to play and grow-up in a safe, comfortable, and familial atmosphere.
Our foster children will have their own private bedrooms, be able to interact/play with our pets, and have the Hubs and I there for them in any and every way they need/want.

I am really and truly excited for this opportunity to change our lives, and positively impact the lives of children in our area that need safe places and people in their lives.
And the Hubs, even though he will stay at his job he holds now, full-time as usual, will obviously be part of this endeavor as a foster dad.

He’s all on board too, but ultimately left the decision up to me, as I’ll be the one with the official job title of   ”child protection agent”.

We’ve finally decided to come clean and be open about this decision because tonight, in a few short hours actually, we begin our training program with a class in town.
We have about ten classes to get through before this summer with our foster agency (the one we’ll be working with is actually the national church of Norway’s child protection branch), before we’re able to have our official report made and sent to our county for approval.
We’re doing the classes now and getting everything ready and cleared so that next summer, when our little one is about a year old, we’ll be prepared to accommodate our first foster child.

We became interested in and started to initiate this process all this right before we found out we were expecting the little one, so now we’re just pushing the official start of it back a year or so!

Again, we’re both excited and ready for this phase of life as parents to begin...and jumping in with both feet too, so to speak!
Hopefully, within the span of an odd year we’ll not only welcome our first biological child into our home, but our first foster child too!

Even I realize how crazy and awesome that is, now that’s it’s all laid out!

At the end of the day, I really believe that children are a blessing, and that in God’s eyes we are all children.
That the Hubs and I have been blessed with a baby-to-come of our own is amazing...but to think that we’ll be able to become parents to other children in the future, children that really need us, is just incredible.

Thus the adventure begins, I guess!

What do you all think of our big news?

I’m not thinking so much of the car accident-related secret...more of the bigger, brighter announcement!

Anyway, I’ll let you all know how our first class went, but keep our little/growing family in your prayers, if you please!

(And let’s hope this weekend is a little LESS eventful than how our weekend last week started. ;) )