Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sun, and bumps and birthdays...

Thanks for all the positive words regarding our last post, folks. :)

We actually got our car back on Friday, it's as good as new! So no totalling reports or any of that drama, thank Jesus!

And the Hubs and I also went to our first foster parents class this last week, and it was great.
We met the other couples that will be entering the system this year (even though we won't be getting our first placement until after the baby is nearly a year old, in 2013.), and it was a really great, inspiring experience.
I think it left us even more inspired and motivated to become foster parents. :)

Our next class is in a couple weeks, we can't wait.

And want to see something crazy?

The SUN! Shining up over the mountains/hills past the front side of the house!

It seems like Spring has sprung, super early around here, for once! :D
The last of the ice and snow around us melted almost a week ago, and other than our usual Spring showers, we've had amazingly beautiful sunny afternoons, with temperatures in the 40F's!

I love our winters, love watching the snow fall and cover everything...but by February, it always seems like it's been winter forever! Usually we don't get our melt, and see the sunshine come back until March, April, or even May!
So we really are super lucky this year, it seems.

So let's just hope we don't have any freak cold snaps again!

I'm not expecting anything tropical, folks. I know we live in Norway, and "warm" temperatures aren't something that we have very often as a general rule...

But I am looking forward to switching out my heavy wool winter coat (that I can barely button anymore!), for cardigans and sweaters...the same sweaters I've been layering underneath my peacoat for the past few months!

And who knows; maybe by the time that I'm ready to pop, and meet my baby, I'll be able to rock a t-shirt, or at least be sans-sweater!

On that note, I've had requests for another belly update, in tighter clothes, just to get a real accurate idea of how my belly is a-poppin'!

How you like them apples?! Er, um, belly?

Closing up on 18-weeks!

I'm pretty stiff in my knees and hips, sleeping is super uncomfortable already, and launching myself out of a sitting position is becoming necessary. My belly button hurts and is itchy, so I'm thinking it might pop soon!

Our ultrasound is in two weeks now...I just CANNOT wait to see the little one I'm cooking in there, and finally find out if we're expecting a son, or a daughter!
I've barely seen my baby once, at 10-weeks, when it was just a little bitty thing...knowing that when the Hubs and I see him/her in a couple weeks, they will look like a real little person, with fingers, toes, and everything...mind blowing. And SO exciting. :D

Do you think you know what we're having? I know there are some pretty confident bump readers out there...what's your vote?

The guys in my office have started formulating opinions, and I think the day before we go for the ultrasound, we'll try and get an official poll taken to see who's team was right!

I just don't know anymore...but I think the Hubs and I will go ahead and be traditional and pull for Team Pink, and Team Blue respectively when we head to the ultrasound on the 14th.


Finally, I just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing baby brother who is 21 today.

I remember when he was born, and taking him to my kindergarten class as my special show n' tell.
(p.s.- I totally won on the best show n' tell EVER in that class for that one. ;) )

Now he's a grown up. My only brother.
Going through his training/education to be a firefighter/EMT, like he's always dreamed.
He's an amazing dude, and has turned into a really great man.

Ian, I'm SO proud of you. And I hope you have an amazing birthday. You deserve it.

So don't get into any trouble! ;)