Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your chance to help out...and hear about me falling down.

Hello my darling readers. :)

I hope you all have had an amazing week this past week.

Did anyone do anything special or fun with their sweeties for Valentine's Day yesterday?

The Hubs and I didn't plan on was after all, a workday for us both, and we had decided to and (more or less) faithfully stick to our Love Challenge idea for the first part of February; where we decided to show our love for each other by leaving little love notes every day this month from the first, to yesterday.

But after we got off work, we decided since we didn't do anything for our anniversary on the first of the month (the anniversary of when we got married, btw), we would treat ourselves to a romantic little dinner for two at the Indian restaurant in town that we like.

The food was super yummy, as always, and the Hubs and I don't go out to actual sit-down dinners in town that often (this is Norway after all, prices are HIGH.), so when we got seated in a private, cozy little corner of the restaurant and got our vindaloo and masala ordered, we were happy little clams. :)


Today the Hubs is in Denmark with his boss for some meetings and all that jazz. Thankfully it's just a day trip, and I'll be able to pick him up later tonight...

I'm staying home from work today with a sore throat...that and because on the way to drop off the Hubs for his flight early this morning I slipped and fell really HARD on the melting skating rink that is our driveway. I also fell hard this last Sunday night, and then again when I got home from dropping the Hubs off for his flight this morning. :(
I'm alright. Didn't fall on my belly or anything, but I am really bruised up and sore, and the wrist that I've been bracing myself on during said falls feels all crunchy and gross.

I called my midwife just now to check in, since the falls have me a little worried and shaken (even if I haven't fallen directly on my abdomen), and I feel kind of crampy and sore under my belly button...

She seems to think that I'm alright, and the stomach tightness is just my muscles stretching/my organs getting shifted around (since I'm starting to show more and more now), but told me to try and be really careful on the ice and head to my family doctor if I start having sharp pains or anything real scary happens.

It's just not easy waddling around frozen Norway with an ever-expanding belly, worrying about every little twinge and cramp. :(



I've been reading some really disturbing, heart breaking news about emerging, worsening drought conditions around different parts of Africa.

Statistically, there is no reason for hunger on our planet. We as humans generate and produce more than enough food to keep everyone fed and sustained. Unfortunately, distribution of wealth/natural resources around the world are not even or equal...

I won't try to recount all the details for you all here, but encourage you to seek out all the info you might be curious about on your own.

I just wanted to share because giving to organizations like The World Food Programme is both really easy (they take Paypal!), and just $1 USD is enough for them to "fill four cups" for people around the world.

I know that times are tight for many people all over the Western world, but I also know that $1USD is something that most people throw around more than once in the course of an average day, without even thinking about it.

And of course, prayers are always free, and powerful.
Please take time to include people who are less fortunate than yourself when you speak to the Lord.

So even if it's just your prayers and that odd dollar, please be generous, folks.
Share your spare change to help change the world.

And of course, have a beautiful week.