Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The big reveal...

Well darlings, we had our ultrasound this morning, as planned.

And according to the midwife who did it, we can be about 90-95% sure of the sex of our baby at this point...

Our little one was a bit camera shy, and seemed bothered by the ultrasound wand being sort of shoved into their personal space (they weren't the only one, ouch!).

At first, their little hands and feet were up by the tiny chin...their body folded up like a lawnchair! We're still laughing about our flexible little bean in there...

Wanna see?

Top photo: From a side/back angle, baby has their arm curled up behind their head, relaxing! Bottom photo: a lovely little profile.

There was a little dance party going on after the ultrasound wand started poking around, and our little one kept twisting away...look at those toes! They were wiggling at us!

Finally we get a ghosty little front view, baby's face and belly, with a hand curled up by their cheek...

I might be partial, being the mama and all, but have you ever seen something so beautiful in your life?

I haven't.

The Hubs and I just held hands and watched the screen, mesmerized by our little one twisting around and getting comfy in there...amazing.

So I know, you're all still thinking: "So what is it already?! A boy or girl?!?"

Well, as the midwife said, it's usually pretty easy to see boy-parts, so unless our little one is pulling a serious Houdini, there was nothing there to hide, which means...


Can you all believe it?!

We couldn't...I still can't!

All the votes that came in from polls here on LiO and on facebook were overwhelmingly for 'boy'...exclusively even. I have to admit that I had had a feeling all along that we would be waiting for a little boy, but the Lord had a different plan for us, and now it's time to start buying pink!

Boy or girl, we're just so thankful, and feel so blessed that our little one looked perfectly healthy and happy in there today. She's got long legs and big feet, the midwife said. What a doll baby.

She's also supposed to be here an odd week later than we had originally thought, most likely around the 11th of August...but babies notoriously show up whenever they feel like it, so our big picture that we're shooting for is now between the 27th July, and the 25th of August this summer.
Only time will tell when our baby girl will make her grand entrance...

Our little daughter.

Now we've got to start finalizing some of our girl's names...we had been banking so hard on a boy, so had a name set and ready for a him, but not a her! Time to get cracking!