Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just wanted to pop in and share the great little Easter-goodies care package my dear Auntie and Uncle in Nebraska just sent the Hubs and I!

They never fail to deliver with a care package now and again, and of course ALWAYS something special & fun for holidays!

My favorite Girl Scout cookies! Although they used to be called "Samoas" and "Tagalongs" back in my I the only one that remembers that?! Also some Skittles, which I LOVE and are hard to come by in, the Hubs buys them from Duty Free for me when he comes home from his business trips. :)

Beef jerky for the Hubs (his favorite!), and the CUTEST little bunny-rabbit baby beanie for our little princess to wear...those floppy ears on top? GAH!

Two new Easter-themed tea/kitchen towels, and my Easter favorites: Peeps and Reese's eggs! There's also some new Peeps that are bottom-dipped in chocolate...I'm not too sure about those...don't mess with a classic! ;)

We're taking off the week before Easter, which isn't as impressive as it sounds, as all of Norway is pretty much shut down from Maunday Thursday (the Thursday before Easter), until Easter itself!

How about you all: will you be taking any family time during the coming holidays? Doing anything special to celebrate?

It will be nice for the Hubs and I to have some down time together at the house during Easter, especially since the Hubs is heading out for yet another business trip to Asia this coming Monday. :( More on that to come though...

So with some Girl Scout Cookies in my belly, and some cute towels hanging in my kitchen, I'm off for a long shower, then relaxing in bed before the Hubs gets home for the night from his team's football match.

Good-night, my lovelies!