Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's always fun.

Well my darlings, I'll keep this update short and sweet...

Let's just say, I am now walking like this gentlemen:

Yesterday at work, I was organizing some things that desperately needed it, and was bending up and down a lot to check number sequences on stacks of boxes.

While standing up from a bent over position, I suddenly felt what was literally the most painful sensation I've ever felt in my life, low on the left side of my back.
I can confidently say that I have a pretty darn high pain tolerance in general...but I literally was fighting back tears/screams while I tried to stand all the way up after I felt that pain.

My belly didn't feel different or hurt in any way, but my midwife did say that any kind of routine injury that occurs while pregnant has to be at least called in and checked up on...I was already scared, too, thinking right away: "something just happened to my back, I can't barely move, and my Husband is in Asia until Friday."

Not an ideal situation.

So I limped to a quiet place near one of the warehouses at work, and called into the doctor's office...

I've never pulled a muscle before. Not that I remember. And if it is always as painful as this was, I would have remembered.

As soon as I told the nurse I was speaking to that I thought I might have pulled a muscle in my back at work, and was also nearly 19-weeks pregnant, she scheduled me to check in with the doctor at the after hours clinic within a few hours.

Thankfully I did this to myself in the last hour of the work day (as opposed to the beginning of the day, I mean), and the two guys that the Hubs and I carpool with every week were able to whisk me out of the office a little early yesterday to get to my doctor's appointment. (It was one of their turns to drive this week, so my car was parked right across from complex where the doctor's office is, coincidentally.)

So I hobbled to my car, much like Frankie up there...much slower actually...then had a total breakdown. The Hubs called from Taiwan, and I just sat in my parked car alone, screaming and crying for a good 10-minutes.

I feel a little guilty about that now. I wasn't trying to make the Hubs worried or guilty about being so far away when something like this happened, but I was just SO freaked out and upset about it all.
Things were running through my head like:
How am I going to cook for myself and the little one? Or dress/undress myself when I can't barely move?
How will I take care of the dogs?
There's no one here I can call and not feel like I'm burdening if I need to ask for help.

It wasn't a great moment for me.

Thankfully the Hubs was able to calm me down over the phone, and ordered me to check in with him after the appointment was over, but to take it easy until then and not do much of anything while I waited to be seen at the clinic.

And can I just say, when the sweet, attending physician exclaims something like the Norwegian equivalent of: "Wow, you really did do a number on yourself!", it's not exactly a comforting statement to hear.
He did just that though, bless him.
He was surprised on how swollen and tender the one side of my back was, and I don't think he completely believed me when I swore up and down that I was NOT lifting anything (except for a few sheets of paper) when it happened...

He also was shocked that I was alone, and worried for me when I told him the Hubs wouldn't be back until Friday afternoon...
Then he attempted to console me after he broke the news that I also wouldn't be able to receive the usual pain medication/muscle relaxers that pulled muscles of this nature warrant, because of my pregnancy. I actually wouldn't be getting any kind of medication from him, just a recommendation to take some tylenol in small doses for the pain.

Then he ended up giving me an official medical release from work for the next two weeks.

He warned me that I might even need additional time before I'm moving normally again...especially with an ever expanding baby belly.

I was also instructed not to attempt to bend at the waist any more. Indefinitely. Both because of what I did to my back, and that with the increasing weight of my belly on the front of my body I could easily pull something in my back again.

So anyway, the Hubs will be back on Norwegian soil in about 48-hours. Until then, I'm doing things at a wincing, glacial pace, and missing him like crazy. :(
Also neglecting my normal household duties like laundry and all that, as I'm supposed to be super gentle with the in not really doing any.
Squatting down using my knees for just normal activities is painful/difficult enough, and makes me feel WAY more pregnant than I am too. It's sort of silly really...well, it would be silly if I wasn't hurting so much.

Come home, Hubs! I miss and need you! Literally, on the needing.