Saturday, March 17, 2012

A low-key-ish weekend

Well thank you all so much for all the well-wishes...and exclamations of shock over the sex-reveal of our baby!

We can't wait for her to get here, and were totally shocked too when we found out we had a daughter, not a son on the way! We were all so sure it was a boy too!

But now we're prepping to design a nursery for our baby girl, daydreaming about pink ruffles, lace, and all those fun, girly things. :D

Comes with the territory, right?


Anyway, I hope you all are having an amazing weekend.

The Hubs and I slept in super late today, then went down to our tiny local market to pick up a few essentials. We had a guilty (but amazing) breakfast of some marble cake once we got back home, and now I'm just trying to catch up on some laundry.
It's pretty nice out today too, a little sun and positive temperatures (about 45F) can't ask for much more than that in our area in March!
The Hubs and I headed outside after our cake-breakfast, and managed to tear out a gross-looking dead bush on the side of our lawn, and planted two red, rose bushes in our front flower beds. They were housewarming gifts from the Hub's sweet uncle...I hope they make it out there and like their new spot!
It was really lovely. Working alongside my Husband, getting soil on our hands and all that...granted with my growing belly and sore back I couldn't do a whole lot of the major digging...
Oh well. I helped as much as I could, and am just glad we got those couple of things done outside.

Now I'm just wandering around the house doing a little picking-up/cleaning/organizing after the usual just set it down somewhere type bustle of the week.
The Hubs just retreated to our play room upstairs (aka - the man cave) for some serious, apparently much-needed Lord of the Rings action. Silly Hubs. :P

I'll make us some dinner in a bit, but other than that and the on-going laundry process, I'm just trying to take it easy for the rest of the day...who knows, I might even be able to squeeze in a bubble bath for my achy muscles later this evening!
I'm going to make some scampi-alfredo type pasta tonight I think...garlic bread, some veggies tossed in the sauce, all that good stuff.
What do you think? What were you thinking of making this weekend for your family?

Have an amazing weekend, everyone. Relax and enjoy your family-time. We will be. :)