Saturday, March 3, 2012

Only Lonely

So the Hubs just left for a week away in Taiwan.
He's going on business to meet up with all the Taiwanese company reps that his company works so much with.
He ends up making this LONG trip approximately quarterly every year, and this is the first trip of 2012.
He probably won't be making the next scheduled trip with his bosses, as by then, I'll be well into the third trimester of my pregnancy...he'll have to send one of his associates in his place...and probably do a whole lot of video meetings/conferences from the homefront.
At least he insists on not heading to the other side of the planet with a very pregnant wife waiting at home! ;)

I miss him SO MUCH when he's gone like this.
But I am SO proud of my Husband for the kind of drive and dedication he has to his work.
I thank God every day for providing me with a Husband that has ambition, a great work ethic, and most of all: a sense of duty to provide the best for his little family.
I'm definitely a lucky lady!

Even if I'm a mama-to-be flying solo this week. I'm glad I have my two super scary, vicious guard dogs to keep me company...

I mean really. Look at those faces. Terrifying.

In addition to my guard dogs keeping me company, I have a weekly church service tomorrow night, hopefully visiting a friend and her family in the afternoon tomorrow, then a normal full-time work week before the Hubs rolls back into Scandinavia next Friday afternoon...

So other than a fairly chill night for the rest of tonight I'll just try and keep myself busy and booked.

It's not that I can't be on my own, mind you. I feel 100% safe in our house, and the quiet rural area where we live. I'm comfortable getting around on my own in our neck of the woods, and all that...

It's just that I don't like being alone. I prefer my Husband especially to be around...or at least just not as far away as he is now.

But every once and a while, he's got to go away for business. And I deal.

What about you all, do you prefer to have peace and quiet on your own, or the company (and noise!) that comes with constant company?

And what about the blog's little mini-makeover?
I'm hopeless and know absolutely NOTHING about html writing and all that, so unless someone decides to get real generous and design an amazing fancy layout for me, I'm at the mercy of wizard programs. So I'm trying to make the joint as presentable as I can on my own...