Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photodump Before Movie Night!

Well darlings, with the Hubs away on business in China all week (until late-night on Sunday), I've got one of my only girlfriends here in Norway coming over to our house to visit for a bit tonight. We'll probably just watch a movie/some tv, snack and chat a little...
Now that I'm halfway through a Husband-less week, a little girl-time will be great. :) It doesn't help that this particular lady is pretty awesome herself. ;)

Anyway, before my movie date starts, I thought, for fun-sies, I'd do a little iPhone photodump action around these parts...enjoy!

My special dude

Baking the brownies that made me their raw form anyway.

Photo-worthy yogurt

Pantry door's bible verse of the week!

Don't let the photo fool you, he didn't help fold any of that.

The Hubs and his fav girl

I <3 Norway

"Live life wilder" bumper sticker <3

Yummy biscuits...