Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nearly 22-weeks!

Hello, my darling readers. :)

Who is ready for a gratuitous pregnancy-type post?

I promise I own t-shirts that are NOT Start Wars related.


So I am now inching up to week 22 of my first pregnancy. I've passed the half-way point!
When we had our ultrasound a few weeks ago, the midwife did push my due date back from it's original 3rd of August, to the 11th of my past belly photos are essentially off by an odd week now, but our little girl will make her debut whenever she feels like it anyway, I suppose!
Isn't that what babies do?

In general over the past odd-month I've been feeling really good. Not super tired anymore, good appetite, and I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger every day!

I actually went to my family doctor just last week, mostly to check up on my back injury that happened a few weeks ago...
Of course he did end up weighing me, taking my external uterus measurement, and I even got to hear my princess' heartbeat on the doppler!
Which WAS, I have to say, totally amazing. It was the first time I've heard her little heart beating away, so as I was tearing up from hearing it, I was just wishing that the Hubs wasn't on his business trip!
But most importantly, her heartbeat was "perfect" according to our g.p., and I was measuring with "plenty of room" for her to wiggle around in.

I thought it was a little strange though, that I'm apparently measuring nice and roomy enough for our baby girl, but the doctor did tell me I needed to keep piling on the pounds. 0_0 Eep.
It's not that I haven't gained any weight at all, but rather that I lost an odd 10lbs/5kgs in my first trimester whilst being SUPER sick...apparently, that set me back a little on the pregnancy weight gain system.
Honestly, hearing that I really needed to be conscious of my weight gain, was a little frustrating. I already feel like I'm stuffing my face 24/7, I don't understand how I could possibly eat more than I have been recently!
My Mom joked to take advantage of it though, fill up on banana splits and other incredibly fattening treats. She might be on to something, actually... ;)

So anyway, since the Hubs came back from his trip late on Sunday, he's been super sick. :( Poor Hubs. He's on the mend by now, but of course, that means that I woke up this morning starting to feel a little ill...
I'm just hoping that it's just a little passing funk on my end, and not some weird Asian super-virus courtesy of the Hubs coming back from China!
Because while I feel bad that my sweet Hubs has been ill, he can also take any kind of medicine that he wants to help kick the bugs, I however do not have that possibility...
So I'm planning on relaxing on the couch for the most part of the day, totally congested, sore throat and a general achy/yuck feeling. :(
I'll attempt to combat all this with modest amounts of tylenol, lots of water and some rest next to the Hubs and pups. Good thing the Hubs is back and can pamper me a little...right,Sweetie? ;)

We might head out to the in-laws for Easter dinner this weekend, but otherwise the Hubs and I are in for the rest of our vacation-week.

I hope you darlings are having an amazing week!