Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'll extrapolate further in a bit, but let's just say: while making dinner last night, I had a bit of a mishap with some butter leaping out of a frying a full boil, onto my hand:

I can't actually make a fist because of these bad boys. :( They wrap around the base of my thumb too...

On the left there, so my palm-side, would be that HUGE burn-blister from the side...

No really?

OWIE. :(

Thankfully, the Hubs can do a home-office day today to hang out with me at home, as with a debilitated right hand, I'm sort of useless...simple tasks are suddenly a bit tougher and more stiff with an immobilized thumb.
He also sweetly wrapped my hand in gauze last night before bed, so I could try and get some shut eye...thanks, sweetie!

Also, this isn't the first time I had a burn accident in the kitchen, if you all recall...

At least this time it's just a hand. Only one hand, and I don't have to worry about the baby really being affected by my clumsiness...which could have been a huge issue had I been pregnant at the time of my last incident.

Anyway, I'm home for the weekend now. Just trying to relax and baby my hand a bit.

Take care, my darling readers. We'll speak again soon...hopefully it will not be injury-related next time. :)