Saturday, April 14, 2012

weekend working

Happy Saturday, my darling readers!

We're having (for a change) a lovely, sunny Spring day today around our neck of the woods, and we're taking advantage by getting a few of the things on our Spring-cleaning list checked off...

The Hubs just got back from a trip into town where he picked up some toys that we need to clean-up and maintain our property...
Maybe I should have gone with him to the store, instead of staying at home to pick up around the house a little...because he came home with a new wheelbarrow, a chainsaw (and all the necessary trimmings), a weed-whacker, and a hedge trimmer. Not to mention all the little things like pruners, small gardening tools, and new, super-long garden hose with it's own wheel-y caddy and spray nozzle.


For real.

To be fair, we had been planning of getting most of those things before-hand anyway...our property is large, and totally beautiful, but the family we purchased it from didn't do any regular maintenance for what seems like many years in a row up to this point-in-time.

We definitely have our work cut out for us this year! Just to catch up and break even really!

Especially if we want to get most of our yard cleaned up and manicured before the baby comes, and with her, all our visiting family members we're SO excited to see...which is what me, Miss Impatient/it must be done immediately, would prefer.
We're also planning on having our first ever, "annual Fourth of July family barbecue" this year too, and starting a tradition (which I am STOKED about!), so really, most of our list should be ticked off by then even, which is a whole month before my due date.
Unfortunately, even though I realize I have unrealistic deadlines set up for us I can't offer a whole lot of help to poor Hubs...what with my growing belly, and sore back.

In fact, the Hubs is out there right now, just outside the kitchen window, using his newly assembled wheelbarrow to rip out some gnarly, ugly, mostly-dead plants that are growing in random patches on our back lawn...unfortunately this is also one of more than a few plants like it, that makes our considerable chore list.

I'm on the other side of that window at the moment, blogging at our kitchen table, while also knocking out a few batches of pumpkin cookies. :)
I know it's not really the season for pumpkin, but it is one of my favorites, and I had three cans of pumpkin still in our pantry that got sent over to us from the States during last autumn. I kind of made this recipe up on the spot, and they're turning out pretty tasty, so I'm pretty proud actually!

After the last batch of cookies are out, I'm starting on a lamb roast with potatoes and carrots for that hard-working Husband of mine's dinner. :)

We can be SUCH the traditional couple sometimes, it baffles even me.
But you know, we like it that way, as far as most areas of our lives are concerned.
And we're both all-in on it.
Neither of us forces the other one into certain jurisdictions of our household/lives, instead we both just sort of settle ourselves into what we feel needs to be done...
It just so happens that that means I naturally gravitate towards taking care of the inside of our house. Things like the laundry, cooking/baking, cleaning up in general and organizing tasks.
The Hubs steps up to the plate in areas that concern maintenance of our car, yard work, taking out the trash, and all that...he usually does the dishes after dinner too, since I make and serve us our food.
What a man! :)

It works for us, even if it is pretty Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver. ;)

Anyway, that's our Saturday.
Tomorrow the Hubs is planning on switching out our winter tires for summer ones, since we just might be done with snow/ice for the until fall rolls back around. Then we have church in the evening as usual.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend too. No matter if it's a relaxing one, or filled with to-do list points, like ours is. ;)


As I'm sure you all already are aware of, today marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous, unsinkable ship...


When I was younger, I was totally fascinated with the tragedy of the Titanic's sinking. I wrote a few reports on it, read multiple books, and saw all kinds of documentaries...
(Just for the record, NO, I DO NOT like Hollywood film that has recently been re-released in 3D. No thanks.)

Just wanted to mention the anniversary of this incident, since I still find it so interesting and devastating a historical event.

So R.I.P. for all those lost that night. None of you are forgotten.