Sunday, May 13, 2012

A bump-date for the mamas...

Well in honor of U.S. Mother's Day today, I wanted to share a little update of my own with you all, or, a bump-date if you will...

'bump-date', get it?

that's 28-weeks now!

Large and in charge, folks.

That's right, it's not my super official first Mother's Day just yet...maybe a sort-of, half-first Mother's Day? ;) I mean, I DO have a baby...she's just still in my belly for a few more months!

Anyway, I DID get a few 'Happy 1st Mother's Day!' wishes from friends and family stateside today was so sweet, I couldn't believe it!
I really appreciate it, everyone. So if you're among the bunch, thanks again for making my day.

More importantly, I want to wish all those mamas, Americans or not, a VERY Happy Mother's Day today.

Where would we all be without our moms? Right? EXACTLY.

I'm so honored and EXCITED to officially join the ranks of those rad mamas out there in a few months...I can't think of a better group to be part of.

I'm 28-weeks pregnant now, so in my 7th month, the third trimester!

And I have to share something I think is just too weird and funny with you all just so happens that I'm wearing the same shirt in those 28-week photos that were just taken yesterday, that I was when I snapped a photo of myself at 11-weeks...

ACK! It doesn't even look like the same person in these photos!
How crazy is that?!
I can't even really remember not having my big belly anymore! Knowing I used to have a flat stomach is a total mind-trip at this point...can't really imagine it even!

I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER, but at the same time, getting nervous about not having a whole lot of time left to really get ready to welcome our little blessing into the world!

As you can see from the photos up there, my belly is growing like crazy and is really pretty heavy now too! Just ask my poor back. Oy.
I've been feeling pretty good lately, in general, except for back/hip pain...but aside from popping a few tylenol now and then, and soaking in the tub, there's not much to be done about it...

So I'm propped up on the couch just now with the Hubs, winding down for the night before our week starts up again tomorrow...yesterday the Hub's cousin (and best friend from childhood) came over and worked in the yard with the Hubs and then spent the night here at our house...

It was nice to see the two of them having some bonding time in our 'Man Cave' and spending time with each other again. :) Plus, the two of them got SO MUCH work done in our yard, in just a few hours...I am still totally shocked!
They successfully took out a huge area of overgrown thorny bushes in the front yard, and safely dismantled the busted up old green house too!
I managed to do some serious cleaning inside the house while they were busy outside, then made those hard-working boys a nice big roast with potatoes and carrots for dinner. :)

I think I might have overdone it just a little bit though yesterday myself...because today, I'm paying for it with back pain like WHOA. :(

Anyway, this week is Norway's national holiday, and while I don't think we have anything big planned for the two of us, it will be nice to have a shorter work week and get to spend some time at home with the pups in the middle of the week.

So stay tuned, darlings...I'll update again soon!