Sunday, May 6, 2012

Confirmation, family shindigs, and leftovers...

Yesterday the Hub's baby sister got confirmed!

So we went to the church service for the confirmands, then ran home and picked up our pups, and headed back over to the Hub's parent's house for the family shindig...

It was nice. :)
Great catered food, most members of both sides of the Hub's family, everyone was dressed up and our little sister made out like a champ with all her confirmation gifts! Heehee.

Really though, especially seeing all the girls getting confirmed in their bunads (or traditional Norwegian dress) was so neat! I've lived here for about 2.5 years, and before that, I lived in 'Little Norway' in Washington State, so it's not like bunads are a new thing for me to see...but I still just love seeing ladies wear them!

I can't wait to have my own bunad someday...even though I might not be Norwegian by heritage, or birth, I'm Norwegian now, and my children will be too! The Hubs and his family seem to think that instead of being offended or thinking it was weird, Norwegians would be tickled by me wearing and loving a bunad!

So I'm in! ;)

They are SUPER expensive to have made and kitted out, so maybe in the next few years I can start putting my own bunad together, so I can join the Weegie lady club!

Anyway, here's a few photos I snapped yesterday, of our Weegie family...enjoy!

The confirmation class, posing for their post-service photo...except it was super windy and snowing a bit yesterday! So I don't think anyone got a great photo of all of them!

The Hubs and the baby sister (in her bunad!), see any family resemblance? :)

Our sister in the middle, with two of our other cousins on each end (also confirmands this year!), along with our sister's best friend (the tiniest girl in her bunad!) who joined in for the festivities!

The Hubs and his three siblings...

The Hubs, his three siblings, and some chubby, short, non-Scandinavian girl...aka, me. LOL.

My Weegie family. The Hubs and I, the sibs and my in-laws. Awww.
Now I've always been 'the tiny/short one' in the class/room/group, but these family photos always just make me laugh! Not just the Hubs, but really his whole family TOWERS over me...even his little sister...she's only 14! It doesn't help that I'm also now 7-months pregnant, and looking a bit rounder than usual.
So now I'm not just the smallest person in the room/family...I'm also vying for the title of  'most rotund'. Uff da. LOL.

So anyway today the Hubs and I are heading back to my in-laws house to help finish off some of the leftovers from the family party yesterday before we go to our weekly evening church service...this dinner idea was, not entirely surprisingly, all the Hub's idea.
As in, while we were heading out the door from the party yesterday, he just plain asks:
"So Mom, do you have a lot of leftovers from today? You need me to help you out with that?"
As if I don't feed the man at home! I just laughed and laughed when I heard him ask that!

 Well what can I say? I married a healthy, growing Weegie man. ;)

Anyway, we're tuned into a supposedly big, important soccer match just now, but will be heading out soon for that pre-church leftover dinner...

So have a blessed Sunday, everyone, and a great week this week too! :D

p.s. - A special hello to my newest readers is also in order!
I always love reading comments left on my blog, but when people take time out to introduce themselves as new readers/followers of the blog, I just especially feel so special and honored! Thanks for taking your time to leave me comments and words of encouragement, and of course, to follow along with my blog entries in the first place! God bless!