Sunday, May 27, 2012

A hot birthday...

Hello my lovely readers, hope you all are having an amazing weekend!

Around our neck of the Weegie woods, we've been having a freakish heat wave!
Really crazy for our area in general, with temperatures around 70-80F (that's at least 20C every day!) we've been baking a little I guess. Lol.

It's definitely not something we're used to, any time of year, that's for sure!

I think everyone is just hoping that the rest of the summer will be just as nice, and not freezing cold/raining all summer like last year! If this past odd week is any indication, we're in for a real warm, sunny summer!
(I wouldn't mind a chilly, rainy summer personally though, since I have to haul around this growing belly for the next couple months!)

So our yard work has been put on hold during the afternoons, as it's just too warm to work hard out in the yard...but at the moment, the Hubs is upstairs painting the baby's room! How exciting is that? :D

I've wanted our baby's room painted forever, I feel like...but I AM the impatient one! Heehee.
We hit up the hardware store on friday evening and picked up some bags of mulch and grass-seed for our yard-related endeavors (which are, again, not really progressing at the moment), little odds and ends, and then some seriously sweet paint for our baby girl's room...
I couldn't find a decent photo of the color online, so you all will just have to wait until the paint is dry and I can snap a few photos of it...but I will say it's a very, very light, very sweet pink color.
The name of the color was 'Little Princess' how perfect is that? ;)


Yesterday also just happened to be my 27th birthday.

Twenty-seven. I feel so old! 0_0

The Hubs and I didn't do anything special, truth be fact, I even had to sit and wait in the hot doctor's office for nearly two hours, to be seen about yet another infection-type problem...

I swear, even aside from standard midwife check-ups, in these past odd 7-months, I have spent more time being seen by/waiting to be seen by doctors, than I have in my entire life!

I can't wait until my pregnancy is over, just for that reason! To feel healthy and normal again...not so run-down, sore and tired all the time!

Anyway, after another doctor visit on my birthday, the Hubs and I just stopped off at the grocery store to get some snacks, then went home...and guess what was waiting for me...

Hint: that big, studly, Weegie Husband holding a bucket, was not the surprise...

My mother, father and sister-in-law had dropped by with a birthday gift for me...a baby plum tree for our yard! I tried to snap a photo of it the other day, while it was sitting on our front step...and even though it's a little sapling, its still about as tall as the Hubs, so much taller than me!

I loved it. :)

Our yard actually already has a few plum and cherry trees. They're all pretty young, only a few years old each, but this sweet little addition will go really nicely in the front yard with the rest of fact, the Hubs planted it out there for me just this morning...
I can't wait to see it growing, flowering and eventually bearing fruit too of course!

It really was a lovely little birthday surprise for an otherwise quite normal, unextraordinary day.

I also have to say that I got TONS of birthday wishes and greetings via text message, email and facebook too...from all over the world on my special day. :)

Now THAT, made me feel loved and special. Just knowing that all those different people took a few moments of their day to think of me, made the day special, even if the Hubs and I didn't do much to celebrate ourselves...
So if you haven't already seen the notes I've left, and you were one of those great people: thank you so much. :)

So while the Hubs finishes up painting for the afternoon, I'm just trying to relax a bit before we both clean up for the evening and head to the weekly church service in town...then I think my Mom and Auntie were planning on video-calling me on Skype for a little birthday-chat action!
My Mom is visiting our family in Nebraska right now, so it will be so neat to be able to talk to and see everyone at once! I'm really looking forward to it! :D

Then tomorrow, everything in Norway is shut down, including the offices where the Hubs and I work, so we get a long weekend too!
(Weegies love to stretch out every holiday as long as possible, as some of you might know, so the reason everyone gets a long weekend this weekend is because of what they call '2nd Pentecost Day'. Yes, as in the day after the Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is, in fact, today.)

Also, this coming, four-day week is my last one working before I start my maternity leave time...I know I'll eventually get sick of just sitting around at home by myself all day, but for now, I'm admittedly really looking forward to being able to sleep in every morning, and then of course starting doing things like washing and folding baby clothes, and putting my precious girl's room together...

So hopefully you all are having good weather and a nice long weekend too, wherever you're reading from!
Have a blessed week, readers!