Friday, May 18, 2012


Well this week has been interesting...interesting in that:
I didn't go to work all week, because:
I lost two nights sleep over a fever and fever sweats,
I ended up at the doctor's office twice in two days,
Was ganged up on by my midwife and Husband,
And started a simultaneous double course of antibiotics...

Busy week, huh?

I'm doing all right now, more or less...just being on a couple different types of medicine at once is making me super nauseated pretty much 24/7. Yuck.

So really, in short, as my midwife (and the Hubs jumped in too of course!) put it, me coming down with two different nasty infections at once, plus high fever spikes at night, was my body's way of telling me to "SLOW DOWN!" and rest a bit more.
That Hubs, tattling on me to the midwife on how he agreed with her, and how much he tells me to relax while I'm flying around cleaning the house and what not...the traitor! ;P

Uff da.

I'm just not a sit-down and relax type girl at the end of the day, I guess!
7-months pregnant or not, if I see something that needs cleaning or organizing, there is NO WAY I'm going to just sit down in front of the t.v. and forget about it...I just can't do it!
As in, I'm one of those people, that without thinking about it, and definitely without meaning any offense to anyone, I will start picking up around other people's homes while visiting! True.

I guess I have a bit of a personal paranoia of being thought of or perceived as lazy, at the end of the day too...
So I just waddle around here these days...apparently a little too much lately, picking up, chasing dogs out of flowerbeds, doing laundry, washing up, and all that...

This week knocked me down for the count a bit, as I mentioned, though. The antibodies are working wonders, and I haven't had fever spikes in a couple of days now, which is nice and all. :)
The baby is just fine, and as I was assured multiple times by my midwife, is not affected at all by my various ailments and fevers...Praise God!
She's been wriggling around and punching at me as usual, fever or no!

Yesterday was Norway's national day, and the Hubs and I just laid low, instead of heading out and living it up with the other Weegies in the area...but that's nice sometimes, isn't it? Especially if you haven't been feeling well all week!
We just slept in, then stayed at home all day...just ran out for a bit of take-away pizza (and chocolate soft serve ice cream for me, yum!) before popping in a DVD or two and settling in for the night.
Next year, with the Little One in tow, I'm sure we'll make an effort...get dressed up and all that, head into town for the parade maybe, but for now? This 17th of May, was perfect. :)

Tomorrow I'll have to drag my bum out of the house, stuff myself into a dress (and maybe even some makeup!) and put on a happy face, because there's a family shindig for the Hub's cousin's confirmation day that we'll be attending...
I love having family time...I just wish I had been feeling better this week before the party rolled around!

Anyway, I hope you all have had a lovely week, and have nice weather/plans for the upcoming weekend too!

Finally, how about a little iphone photo dump? Right on!

The lovely flowers at the last confirmation we attended; our little sister's...

I've had a lifelong love affair with donuts, it's true...but proper 'American style' donuts like these, are HARD to find around here!

You try getting any blogging done with these two between you and the keyboard!

Everyone loves grilled cheese! (especially me. :) )

They cuddle while sunbathing when they think no one is looking...

Weird 'sour strawberry spaghetti noodle' candies, HIT THE SPOT. Yum.

This is what happens to your 'to be read' pile when you're 7-months prego. Embarrasing!

The harbor next to where the Hubs and I work!

Whoa, who let the whale on the couch?! Oh wait, that's just me, with a sleepy, naughty little Scottish dog napping on my belly.

Guilty pleasure DVD's? Essential during a 'rest-up' week.

Beans on toast? COME TO ME. <3