Monday, May 28, 2012

A sneaky sick day

Unfortunately the Hubs woke up feeling pretty lousy this I whipped up some breakfast for him, with a side of tylenol, and then sent him back to bed to rest and relax...

But someone else in the family had other ideas...and waited to hash them out when I was in the basement sorting out some laundry...

(please excuse my 'sexy voice' on camera...I've been rocking a scratchy throat for a while now!)

After successfully shooing her out of the bedroom and escorting her back into the living room, I figured that would be the last of it.

I obviously forgot who we're talking about here...

I had no choice but to let her stay there with the snoring Hubs...well that or chasing her back out of the room every 5-odd minutes. She was, as you can see, very pleased with my decision and faithfully cuddled up to her Daddy's feet to play Scottie-nursemaid.

In short: in our family, resting up when you're not feeling well, is always a group activity.

But I have to say, her repeat methods are effective. She ultimately got the payoff she was so desperately waiting for!

Atta girl, Daisy. Mama loves you.