Thursday, June 14, 2012

32 week bump-date

Wow! I haven’t had a proper ‘bump-date’ here on LiO in ages! 

I apologize for any and all of you that stick around especially for those reasons, and now that I’m in the homestretch of this pregnancy, I promise I’ll be a bit more diligent with ‘bump-dates’!
So here we go…

I’m filling out the end of week 32 of my pregnancy.

Oh baby!

That means I’ve officially begun my eighth month, and there are less than two full months until my due date…


I went to my midwife just yesterday for a routine check-up…I can thankfully say that everything is progressing at a seemingly perfect rate.

Here in Norway, pregnancy check-ups are pretty different from, for example, their American counterparts…one example, there is no checking for ‘progress’ or dilation, AT ALL. If you’re getting close to your due date, and you really want to know if anything is starting to happen, MAYBE your midwife will consent to physically checking your cervix for progress…
Otherwise, it just doesn’t happen.

And that’s just one little example really…I think it’s a pretty different game in general, the average birth experience between here and the States…

So at this latest appointment, we had, first and foremost a nice chat with my midwife. Got a bunch of my questions answered, and even figured out when the Hubs and I can go on a little tour of the birthing unit of the hospital. (Which will be at the end of the month, btw.)

sexy college sweats, right? LOL.

 So aside from chatting, and feeling pretty encouraged and informed after this latest visit, I also had to offer up both blood and urine samples for some standard testing. I also got externally measured, and baby’s heartrate got checked; which was perfect, and she’s measuring nice and healthy and big…

Ok. So now I just have to say, with complete honesty, that I feel like this baby is going to come sooner rather than later…

Now if I end up going past my due date, or delivering close to it even, I won’t be that surprised either. This is, after all, just a feeling. And ultimately, only God knows when our little one will make her grand debut!

Large and in charge, baby!

 But I don’t think my feeling is completely out of left field either…because yesterday at our appointment, once our midwife started feeling around on my belly, I could tell she was genuinely a little shocked to find out that the baby is VERY low already, head-down, and engaging, at only 32-weeks.

I checked around a little, and that’s not exactly average…not for a baby that will naturally deliver at full-term.

The midwife pointed out that she could still flip around if she wanted, and that would be just fine for a few more weeks…but once I told her that I had started having that super heavy ‘bowling ball’ feeling in my pelvis lately, and that the baby has been head-down consistently for about a week now, she was again, a little surprised.

So only time will tell!

Tomorrow the Hubs and I are planning on running out and picking up the mattress for the crib, and touching up the paint in the nursery…then doing some big errands and planned purchases over the weekend too.

And I’m SO glad and relieved about it!

Especially with this little feeling of mine following me around lately!

So aside from getting some stuff bought and a few items ticked off our infamous to-do list, my personal goal for the rest of this week is also to at least have the packing list for my hospital bag all written up and ready, so that when I do start laboring (no matter how soon that may be!) I can just toss things into my bag and go!

That, and really trying my best to keep up with things like laundry and cleaning around the house as well…I just figure, if this baby does end up coming a little earlier than scheduled,  I don’t want my in-laws to be checking-in on, then visiting a filthy house full of things to do!

So as much as my 8-month pregnant, waddling body will allow, I’m gonna really let my nesting/organizing urges take over for the greater good!

And that, my darlings, is definitely a proper bump-date, don’t you think?

So stay tuned for more prego-news here at LiO!