Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Date night!

Do you and your special, significant other practice regular date nights with one another?

Regardless of whether you're married, or newly dating/courting, I think that really purposing to have a date night with your special person is super important!

As much as I love the idea of taking time to appreciate and spend time with my Husband, just the two of us, on a special date night...I have to admit, we don't always practice what we preach!

Living in Norway, where cost of living is so high, and just nipping out for a quick bite to eat, isn't something that most people do on a regular basis (it's usually a special occasion thing!), really sets us and our plans for date nights, back a little!

When the Hubs and I were living in the States, both before and after our marriage, we had date nights a few nights a week!
It was just too easy to make that last minute decision to eat out for dinner instead of cooking...after all, prices were so modest, and the selection on different types of food available were practically endless!

Living and loving in Norway is amazing. We love our home, and wouldn't change it, or move back to the States on a permanent basis, for anything...

But that doesn't mean that we don't miss some of the little things about living in the States...especially easy, low cost date nights!

Anyway, I'm posting about the idea of date nights because this evening, the Hubs and I are actually planning on having one!

I am SO excited! :D

We haven't had a date night in ages now!
And as tired as I usually am in the evenings, the endless to-do list looming over us this summer, caring for our spoiled pets, and as content as I usually am with sticking around the house...it will be SO great to step out with my amazing Husband, just the two of us, for a little cinema action...

Yup, our date night tonight will be heading into town to catch a movie showing at the local cinema...one that I am totally stoked to see!

Have any of you seen this one yet?

I'm pretty sure it just came out...which is even more exciting, that our little Norwegian cinema is showing it already...showing it at all, even!
Because if it's not a big budget Hollywood affair, full of explosions and vapid storylines, it's never a guarantee that it will even come to our area in the cinemas.

So this is great! And one I've been waiting to see!

So what about you all, my darling readers...do you practice date nights with your special person?

What do you like to go out and do?

And what do you think about the movie that the Hubs and I are off to see this evening? 

Happy date nighting, everyone!