Friday, June 1, 2012

Hospital, schmospital.

Well folks, just for the record, and a little update, I'll clarify something real quick...

This past Wednesday, I spent the whole afternoon in the local hospital. :/

The skinny of it all is that since last Saturday I had been very uncomfortable and hurting, really. So I went to the urgent care clinic on Saturday afternoon (my birthday, no less!) because I had an idea that I might have another infection flaring up that required some antibodies...or some attention at least!

However, the doctor at the clinic ran a couple of tests and claimed that there was no reason for me to be hurting, since 'there was nothing wrong'.


So I got sent home with nothing. Just a recommendation to rest up and stay hydrated.

Well when I couldn't sleep when Wednesday morning rolled around, and spent about four hours crying in our bathroom because I was so sore, the Hubs and I knew something was wrong, and had to give...

So we got a hold of my midwife, who once she heard my symptoms, among them were occasional contractions (at only 30-weeks!), she advised us to head to the hospital in town ASAP.

By the time we got there, my hips were aching so bad and I was in so much general pain, that I had to get wheeled to the birthing/maternity unit on the super-fly.

In short: I was terrified.

So I was immediately pushed through all kinds of tests, samples got rushed to the lab, and then my bump and I had to sit through a 30-minute fetal stress-test.

Praise the Lord, our little one passed with flying colors. :) Her heartbeat was strong, despite all my little contractions, and she even had hiccups for a few minutes during the test, right after she tried to kick the little monitors off my belly!

So that's the amazing news. She's just as healthy and feisty as ever.
She's also nice and big and perfect according to a little ultrasound we had at the hospital.

At first all my test results were coming back healthy and negative I was understandably getting super frustrated and just feeling hopeless...

The doctors and midwives wanted me to stay overnight for general observation, despite the lab results...but around 9pm, I asked to be discharged.

I just figured, that if there was nothing they could do for me, and had no idea what was happening, other than I was contracting occasionally, but the baby was healthy, I could just as easily rest up and be in pain at my own house.

They discharged me and apologized, telling me that they would be pouring over all my test results for the next day to try and figure out what was happening, since all these little contractions could easily start snowballing into pre-term labor...

Well yesterday afternoon, while I was trying to nap on the sofa in our living room...after spending the first part of the day in the same amount of pain and discomfort that I had for days, one of the doctors at the hospital called...

All of my test results were finally ran and screened properly, and they finally figured it out.

I won't go into the personal details here...I have to retain some personal mystery/dignity, right?! ;)

But anyway, issue is, that I'm in a pretty small percentage of women that just happen to have a certain bacterial presence in our bodies 24/7. This little bacterial friend isn't contagious, or dangerous in any way really...except for when you're pregnant.

It is also responsible for reoccurring infections (that need antibiotics) during pregnancy, and for some women, just in life in general!
Since I'm a pretty healthy gal, and always have been, these infections have never popped up in my own life up to this point, so the fact that I'm a carrier of this fairly rare bacteria, never was detected up to this point...

Until the other day.

So other than being touch-and-go for antibiotic courses for the rest of my pregnancy, me being a carrier all boils down to one thing on the labor and delivery front...

It means that I will never be able to have a homebirth experience.

I'm still a little devastated about that, truth be told.

Of course, the health of my baby (and any babies to come in the future!) is the most important, and I really am so thankful and praiseful that this condition was at least found out about before my labor started...even if it meant some serious pain/discomfort and tons of tests on my part!

So the reason I've been officially nixed from future homebirths is because as soon as I'm in active labor, and my water breaks (again, with this pregnancy, and any future ones) I will have to be put on a penicillin IV drip so that my baby won't contract this bacteria during the birthing process.

It's not dangerous for me to be a carrier in general, as I've been one my whole life, and never had health problems because of it...but for a newborn to be exposed to this certain bacterial strain that is present in my body, could mean HUGE and potentially really serious health problems for baby.

So there you go.

I'm now on an antibiotic course again, so that I'll be comfortable and out of pain for the time being. And might have to be again at some point during these last couple of months.
They doctors also figure that as I run this antibodies course, my little contractions should subside too, and that they were primarily a result of the fact that I had been in some serious pain, and have had an infection for nearly a week without treatment. 0_0

And I can confidently say at this point, that I'm already feeling better, and have had fewer contractions already, just being on the antibodies for the past 24-hours.

And that's what has been up in our neck of the woods.

Drama, huh? ;)

Like I said though, I am very glad, very thankful, that despite all the issues I've had over the past week, that the larger problem has been found, and as a result, my baby will be protected and healthy during labor.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."   
-Romans 8:28

That's definitely been my verse this week! Not a bad one to keep in mind in general, is it?

Finally, I'm officially done with work now and the company that I have been working for (the same one as the Hubs!) is have their annual summer barbeque party tonight.
Not sure if I'll be making an appearance or not, since I've been feeling so epically gross all week, but I have to admit I am pretty glad that I'm officially on maternity leave now.

Hopefully, despite my orders to rest up, now that I won't be working full time 5-days a week, I'll be able to keep the house as clean as I need/want it to be, and can get all the preparations for the little one done and dusted!

Have an amazing, blessed weekend, darling readers!