Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little Saturday action

Well I hope all you darlings out there in the blogosphere are having amazing weekends. :)

I just wanted to pop in today to share some of my favorite videos as of late, and pose a little question...

As a mama or mama-to-be, like yours truly, do you consider yourself to be a 'natural mama'?



A hippie even?

I have to confess...I do!

To me, it doesn't really matter the scale of the commitment level of a self-proclaimed granola's the extra thought as to what you can do for your little one(s) to give them a more wholesome, natural life.

So whether you live completely off the grid, harvesting rainwater, and providing 100% of your family's food via your own means/production...

Or like me, you're taking baby steps by prepping to cloth diaper your little one, co-sleep with them, and are hoping for a natural birth, you're one of those rad natural mamas, and I salute you! :)

And the creator/star of these hilarious videos I'm sharing is definitely a natural fact, that's what her blog is called!

I can't recommend to check it out enough, especially if you consider yourself at all to fall into that granola category.

So here they are, some of my favorite videos as of late! Check them out, and have a good laugh today!:

And the latest, not just a sequel, but some stuff that crunchy dads say!
(Which even the Hubs laughed at, because while he doesn't completely share my zest for natural living, he had to admit that because of me, he would probably say more than a few of these phrases himself in the next few years!)

Hope you all thought those were as funny and entertaining as I did!

Happy weekend! :)