Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tangling with the tresses...

Here's a question for you, my darling readers....

Would you let this man cut your hair???

He's the cutest Viking I know, but definitely NOT a professional, people.

Because guess what?

Last week, whilst feeling particularly adventurous, and sick of my waist length hair, that's just what I did...

So the Hubs took me from this:

Oh the horror!

To this:

And that's when my hair was still pretty wet!

I usually get a little ansy with my standard, super-long hair during the summer, and end up dramatically hacking it off...but I figured I would want it shorter before the baby gets here anyway, right?
I don't want the little one getting tangled in my tresses while I'm nursing her, or really just being able to twist her little hands around it at all!

So less is more, readers. That's what the point is. :)

I had actually planned on going and getting my hair done at a salon before the baby came, just as a little treat...and with the notoriously HIGH prices for a pretty standard ladies' haircut around here, it really would be a treat!

In fact, I can honestly say, that the last time I had my hair cut by a professional, was literally a decade ago.
I was starting as a freshman in college.

I guess even in the States, where a nice haircut can be had for less than half the price of one here, I'm just a little too cheap to shell out the dough for one, when I can just have someone I know try to cut a straight line for me!

So all through my college days/early 20's, I just had my girlfriends (with little to no experience) cut my hair for me when I got sick of it...nowadays, I have a brave Weegie Husband to tackle the challenge!

That's probably pretty crazy sounding to some of you, but I think everyone has that one thing (or even series of things!) that they would just rather take care of themselves, instead of spending money to have it taken care of...and for me, that's my hair!
(And not to brag or anything, but I think it's why my hair is so healthy! I used to dye, have it cut, and treat it quite a bit, and especially since I stopped dyeing it about five years ago, it's been pretty thick and shiny on the daily, and I NEVER have split ends. Now all I do to it is keep it clean, brush it every day, grow it long, and blowdry it occasionally if I have to go out in the cold weather shortly after a shower. :D)

And you know what?

He did a pretty decent job with this cut, my Hubs...even though I know he gets nervous about it every time, and will ask over and over again before making the first snip:
"Are you sure? Are you sure that's not too short to start with? What if I mess it up?!"

To which I always answer: "It's just hair, sweetie. If you mess it up, it will grow back. Don't worry!"

I cleaned up a few stray, longer pieces myself, chopped some layers around my face a bit, and called it a day!

What do you all think?

Mistake of the century, or a solid decision? ;)

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