Saturday, June 23, 2012

A weekend on the homefront

What are you all up to this weekend?

Aside from starting to adjust to the adorable new additions in our house, the Hubs and I are just trying to have a peaceful yet productive weekend...

Interesting description, isn't it? ;)

Well, with the Hubs working full time every week (and being quite busy at work, at that!), the little one on the way super soon, and our unending to-do list, that is what we strive for!

So last night the Hubs helped me get some things organized around here, and afterwards we just cuddled up with the dogs and the cats, some snacks, and a good movie...

It was lovely. :)

I have to admit, darling readers, I can get pretty lonely during the course of the work-week...I love living out in the country, but living where we do, and the Hubs taking our car to work every morning, it does leave me pretty isolated from others/public places.
That and the the fact that I don't have many friends in our area to begin with...

It definitely makes me miss my Husband something terrible by the time fridays roll around!

So getting to just relax together for a change, like we did last night, was just what I needed...and with our little one coming soon, we want to take advantage of quiet evenings at home, just the two of us, when we can!

So since we took it fairly easy yesterday, the Hubs and I hit the ground running this morning!
After some breakfast and taking care of all the animals, the Hubs went outside to finish up some pretty laborious yard work, and I waddled around the house vacuuming, mopping, picking up, and doing laundry...

We were both pretty exhausted by the time dinner rolled around!

Even though I still have the laundry machines running to finish up some last loads, we've let ourselves relax a bit in the past few hours too...playing some video/computer games and hanging out with the animals...

 I think the plan for tomorrow is pretty similar to today...the Hubs will try to clean up the lawn, I'll find things to do around the house, and then in the evening we'll head to church as usual...

Not a thrilling weekend by any means, but pretty much the kind of weekend we specialize in around here!
At least until we have the house/property cleaned up enough and ready for all the family members that will be visiting after the baby comes, and of course, getting her nursery finished too!

What kind of weekends go on around your household?