Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What the heck is that noise???

That's pretty much the exact statement I made over and over again this morning, starting at around 3a.m.

Well wait, shouldn't you have been sleeping at that hour?, you might be asking yourself...

Why yes, my darling readers, I was in fact attempting to sleep all morning. Yet was thwarted by a feathered fiend...

Not our exact culprit, but a dead ringer! (credit)

All morning, starting around 3a.m., the Hubs and I (and the pups too!) could hear this weird rapping, tapping noise. It would last for maybe 20-odd seconds, then stop...then a few short minutes later, would start right back up again...

The Hubs claims he did in fact hear it multiple times, but he also is a super heavy sleeper, so I don't think it affected his rest too much...

Me, on the other hand? Exact opposite. Couldn't stay asleep for more than 15-app. minutes all morning this morning!

Finally, around 9:00a.m., I crept out of bed, solo mind you, I couldn't have the pups spoiling my plans to finally see what was going on outside!
I followed the bizarre tapping sound around the first floor to our living room, where we have lots of big picture windows overlooking our property, and a door that leads out to our deck...this door is of standard size, but is all glass as well, by the way.

Well I managed to be sneaky and quiet enough to be able to witness an entire cycle of the madness with my own eyes...

And that photo I posted up there, he's a demon, I swear it!

What happens to make all that darn tapping noise is this:
A HUGE crow, that looks just like the one in that photo up there, intentionally flies at the very top of the glass deck door. Lets himself crash into it, then flaps at it with his talons (is that the right term for a crow, talons?) for a few seconds. Then he lets himself drop to the surface of our deck, and stands in front of the glass door, and taps with his beak for a while, before giving up, flapping over to the hand railing on the deck, and flies away...
He was doing it probably at least five times an hour, as soon as it was light enough for all the birds to starting flying around again. (Which this time of year, yes, is around 3a.m.)

Aside from the glass door being FILTHY, and me not being to keep it clean for more than the afternoon/evening, since this little bugger seems to analyze the situation from the railings around the deck, they are COVERED in bird poop!

What the heck is going on here, people?!

Are any of you darlings ornithological prodigies? Ever experience anything like this?

Why is this bird plaguing us like this?

And aside from rigging feline sentinels in our living room to stand watch through the wee hours, how do I make him stop???

He doesn't do it during the afternoon, by the way...when we go to bed at night, all the lights get turned off around/outside the house, and the curtains get drawn in the living room...now there's not a curtain covering the glass door he's so obsessed with, but I think he's caught on that once the curtains open for the morning, there are people and loud dogs moving around inside/outside the house, and he stays away from the deck and his bizarre routine all together...

I did think that maybe, since these little devils are supposedly super intelligent, that there was something he could see through the glass door that he wants really badly, but from standing outside the door and looking in at the one table that is visible from that vantage point, I can't see anything that would look remotely appealing to him! There's nothing shiny or eye-catching at all!

I wish I would have had the presence of (angry, half-asleep) mind to bring my phone or camera to record the madness, as proof, but that description I gave, is pretty darn accurate.

I'm uncomfortable enough trying to sleep every night and be well-rested, I definitely don't need this avian menace keeping me awake all morning!

So any ideas, darlings? I'm up for suggestions!