Monday, July 16, 2012

37-weeks and a harsh tour

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

Hopefully everyone had a nice, restful weekend this past weekend, and is ready to hit the grind again today!

Around these parts, we're just playing the waiting game in general, I'm afraid...

I'm 37-weeks pregnant, and the baby is now full-term and just hanging out in there packing on the I hope she'll be ready to make her debut very, very soon!

And I finally took a prego-photo where my head isn't (purposely) cut out...proof it's really me sporting that giant belly!

Oh, baby! That's what 37-weeks looks like!

And a usual, head-less variety too...

So aside from popping out for occasional/regular errands (re: groceries, weekly church service, etc.) I'm mostly just sitting around the house, nursing big mugs of sweet Indian chai tea, and waiting for labor to start! (And of course regularly hyperventilating over the state of my home and my physical inability to keep it up to my admittedly high standard of clean/organized.)

Honestly though, if there's another 3-4 weeks of waiting like this, I will NOT be a happy gal! :(

I've felt like my body has been stretched to the maximum for FOREVER now...I'm always tired and stiff and sore, and haven't had a proper appetite for weeks because of the discomfort and just lack of space in my belly!

So now that we're entering 'it could be any time now' territory, you all will just have to wait for that magical message that our little princess is here (God willing, safe and sound and healthy!) and we're finally parents! :D How crazy!
I think our plan is to keep our immediate family informed as I'm progressing with labor, and then notify the general public (including all you darlings!) after that first stay tuned!


Also, the Hubs and I DID manage to take that hospital tour last Thursday like I had mentioned/hoped for...

Unfortunately, it was NOT what I was expecting...

I won't go into extensive details, and it's not my intention to bash our local hospital, the staff or just birthing standards here in Norway of course...and I sincerely hope and pray that once I do go into labor, everything will be much more pleasant than it was presented in the tour...

But I admit, I was disappointed on the way home. Honestly? I was scared. I cried.

I think the fact that I have been declared unfit for a homebirth because of my GBS+ status is still very upsetting for me, and something I'm dealing with that's not helping me out on how I feel as far as delivering my baby at a hospital birthing ward!

But really, the basis for my less-than-ideal reaction rested on a few different factors...

First, there are only FIVE birthing rooms at the hospital. FIVE. If all five of these are occupied when you go into active labor, you could literally end up deliver in the hallway. 0_0

Now we don't live in a huge metropolitan area or anything, but it IS a proper city hospital, and there are at least a few births there daily, so I cannot for the life of me understand how they are managing with just five L&D rooms...(and I don't think they really are. The hospital is also undergoing HUGE expansion renovations at the moment.)

So the rooms themselves were also very different from their American counterparts which I had of course been envisioning beforehand...they aren't cozy with pictures on the walls, warm colors and a home-y feel to keep moms relaxed...they are stark, wide-open, white and filled with medical equipment and those big, scary surgery lights mounted on the ceiling.
And only one of these big, scary, surgical-feeling rooms has a tub...a tub that you can labor in, but not deliver in. A tub that isn't that big, and super high off the ground, so I'm not even sure how someone in labor is expected to logistically get in and out of it.

So that will be my labor/delivery experience I guess. Again, just hoping and praying for the best still...the staff really is amazing at the hospital and I'm hoping that that will be a saving grace as far as the facilities go...

Secondly after spending a maximum of 2-hours post-delivery in the actual delivery room (less time if there are other women in labor needing a room), I'll be whisked away to not a private recovery room, but a large, shared one, where there can be up to five other women, their babies and their immediate families recovering from their respective births...

A communal recovery room.

I wanted to throw up when I heard that.

Is that terribly, terribly spoiled and grotesque of me? :/

I just honestly cannot imagine having such a special time in my life in the presence of tons of strangers and their families...and I DEFINITELY will not be up for doing things like having breastfeeding help from the midwives, changing my clothes, showering, or being in various states of undress in front of complete strangers.

I don't even know if this big recovery room as those curtain-dividers (as we didn't get to see it on the tour)...but I hope so!

Those were the things that upset me the most over the state of the hospital, I guess...

I definitely don't have diva tendencies in general, and never expected a red carpet to be rolled out on my account, but yes, was very confused and freaked out after the tour.

Again, I've just been praying every day since then that despite the facilities and my opinions of them, that my birthing experience will go smoothly and not be terrifying!

What do you all think, did I go into the tour of the local hospital with unrealistic expectations?