Thursday, July 12, 2012

Almost 37-weeks!

Well I had been doing really well with my 'blog every other day' initiative...until this last week. Whoops!  :/

Oh well.

I'm back now at any rate, and hope you all are doing amazing.
I also have to thank you all for the lovely comments on my last, slightly rant-y entry. It's always nice to know that despite having an opinion that everyone else might not love, you're still not alone in having it!

So that being said, we'll just move on...

Tomorrow I'll be 37-weeks pregnant...and that's officially full-term, people! :D

I'm super excited, even though I could still end up being pregnant for another month...let's not think about that possibility, shall we?

Since the Hubs is at work at the moment, I tried to take a photo of my belly on my proved why having someone else to snap a photo of your mid-section is absolutely necessary...because I ended up with this as the best of the lot:

Also, I saw an (very) old-wives tale recently that claimed that if you hold or carry a cat during your pregnancy, your baby will be born without a soul...huh?!

 How silly-looking is that?! :P

Animal sidekicks wandering around in the background, messy hair, plaid jammy pants and everything...

So I'll just have the Hubs snap an official 37-week photo for me after tomorrow, I least I've proven that I'm still pregnant...and also haven't murdered all four of our pets due to excessive naughtiness. LOL.

Anyway, this week has been pretty uneventful, and I'm hoping and praying that this evening the Hubs and I will be able to finally take a tour of the birthing center at the hospital...I'm running out of time here! The midwives only do tours of the birthing suites twice a month, and if they are too busy or full-up, they don't do them at all on the scheduled days...which is what has happened the past few times we tried to go...

I won't be able to find out if the tour can happen today for a few more hours, but I REALLY want to be able to see where I'm giving birth BEFORE I actually do give birth, so let's hope they'll be able to hold the tour tonight!

Did you mama-readers out there have a proper tour of birthing facilities you used before the big show went down? What kind of questions did you ask the nurses/midwives/staff?

Then on this past Monday, the Hubs and I actually went round and had a lovely visit with a family from our home-church. This couple invited us over for a chat and tea (the late-evening meal, not the beverage btw) at church last Sunday and I was excited to accept the invitation...
I don't get out of the house much these days, and don't have many friends to visit either, so I was pretty stoked!

This couple is older than us, (with a teenage daughter and two younger children too) but just chatting and having a little meal with them at their lovely home, was really nice. :) We didn't chat just about our religious beliefs or our church (though those things of course did come up), but tried to get to know each other's family and have a nice evening...
We ended up being there with them for hours and hours, so I think we all enjoyed ourselves! :)

We've been attending our home-church since last August/September, but I'm really hoping and looking forward to personally getting to know more people in our congregation in the near future. :) Everyone is so sweet and personable, but they are still Weegies after it takes time to get to know them well!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I am actually one of three ladies in our church that has a due date for their first babies this summer...and I'm also now officially the last of the lot to still be waiting on my little one!
One of the ladies had her baby about a month ago, and the second woman gave birth just last week...we're also all having neat is that?!
Once my little one makes her debut, and all the ladies have had a little time under our belts as mommies, I'm hoping we can all get together and hang out too, since we're all about the same age, all married, and all first-time moms...

So anyway, that's this week in a nutshell so far. :) I'll hopefully have good news re the birthing center tour after this evening, and a proper 37-week photo to boot very soon!