Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feeling a little behind, and a call for guest posters!

Maybe it's some primal urge to recede and snuggle up before I go into labor...maybe it's just me, but whatever it is I've been a near hermit lately!

I get kicks of energy where I scrub and clean and organize until I am exhausted, then I hide away in our bedroom with big mugs of tea, DVD's I've seen a million times, and some cuddly furbabies...

So I'm super behind on anything social: emails, blogs, skype chats...everything!

I just hope that it means that something is going to happen soon, darling readers, because I'm now 38.5 weeks along the way!

But I woke up feeling pretty alright today (which is as good as it gets at this point!), managed a load of laundry, painted my fingernails (in fun, Tiffany-box blue), showered and am now making the Hubs some dinner while having some tea and biscuits myself...
So I'll try and catch up this evening on the interwebs, and if you've been trying to personally get a hold of me, I'm sorry for being so absent these past few days!

The Hubs and I are heading to the midwife tomorrow for a nearly-39-weeks appointment...and since there aren't regular internal check-ins here in Norway, I won't actually find out if I'm progressing at all, but I will still be hoping for some rad news concerning how big and ready to rock our little princess is!

I also want to take this time to reach out to my darling readers and fellow bloggers on the matter of guest posting...

Since our little one could be making her debut at any time now, and I'm sure that aside from popping in with photos and a little news at first, I won't be blogging a whole lot just after her arrival...I'd love to have some guest posters lined up!

So if you're interested in writing up a little something for LiO while I'm busy occupied with new mommyhood, please contact me via my profile info asap...I would especially love to host some guest posts from fellow Christian mamas on the subject of becoming a mother for the first time, child-rearing tips, or anything you might think a little family would like/need to hear!

You know you want to have your own little moment here at LiO, so don't be shy!
Contact me with ideas for a post, or just the post itself whenever you can...you'll get full credit and a link-up to your own blog/website on the post, of course...

I can't wait to see what you darlings come up with! Take care this week!