Monday, July 30, 2012

Still here, still pregnant...

First of all, my sweetest, most heartfelt congratulations to my fellow American-expat Cheryl over at Birth of a Mum. Last week she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy...and in no specific terms here, it was NOT an easy, stress-free experience! But you can read all about that, in her words on her latest's an amazing story, and what a gal! 
God bless you Cheryl, and your new little family! You're in my prayers (and my reader's as well!) for a speedy and safe recovery!

Well here we are, folks...

Or rather, here I am...still pregnant. :/

If this baby is intending to be born in the month of July like everyone seemed to think she would be, she's cutting it closer than I would have imagined!

So it looks like we'll have an August baby on our hands after all!

I just hope she makes her appearance sooner rather than later!

Because we all know by now I think, just how sick I am of waddling around SUPER I won't repeat all that again! Uff da.

This week though, if you use the original due date given to me by my midwives, I am officially due on this coming I'm well into week 39 just now...

The Hubs and I went for a lovely beachside walk this last weekend with the pups (and an ice cream cone each, yum!) and we snapped this little photo to share with you all...

And that's what an uncomfortable, squinting-into-the-sun-with-no-makeup-on-while-39-weeks-pregnant me looks like.
But this photo, of the view from the beach, is much prettier :P

Anyway...since the midwives can't agree on just how pregnant I really am (since our little princess seems to grow in spurts) I could very well end up still being pregnant this time next week with no plans for intervention yet...

As much as I am dreading and absolutely DO NOT want any induction or medical intervention if possible, I could not be more ready to be finished and looking at the possibility of being pregnant in the coming week(s) is seriously is just DREADFUL!

I saw my midwife just last week, and she made an appointment for me on the 8th of August, which is between my two floaty due dates (being the 3rd of August and the 11th of August), so the plan is, that if I'm still pregnant next Wednesday we'll start talking about what we could do to get the process started...

I'm just hoping that the need for that office appointment will not arise at all, and I'll just end up meeting up with her at the birthing unit of the hospital between now and then!

So I'll try and keep you all as updated as possible on what I hope will be super exciting news around these parts, very soon!

Stay tuned, and have a blessed week, everyone!

Also, please don't forget to contact me ASAP regarding the possibility of guest posting here at LiO after our little one is born!