Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The newest gadget...

First of all, I have to say again, Congratulations of the highest order, and all my LiO love to the delightful Miss Jade and her Hubby over at Stitch 'n' Ting, who welcomed their bundle of joy just this past Sunday! It's their first baby too, and I'm so glad to see that Jade delivered her precious daughter safe and sound into the world...Praise the Lord! :D
Enjoy your new mommyhood, Jade!

And thank you all for the sweet comments regarding my last entry and my initial concern over my upcoming birthing experience at our local hospital birthing ward.
It was very sweet reading all the notes of support, and I have to say that especially after reading them, I feel much better about what is to come...

As one of my darling, closest friends back in the States so aptly reminded me, this is definitely a time to Let Go and Let God!

See, it might be one of my favorite life-phrases to remember, but it doesn't mean it's always easy to to keep it in mind when you need it the most!

So anyway, I've just resolved to commit any future anxiety on the matter to prayer.
My birthing experience and the outcome of it all is after all, in the Lord's hands alone, so by His grace, everything will go smoothly, and our little one will get here safe and sound...which is of course, my ultimate desire!

So anyway, I just wanted to pop in today to show off a neat little gadget that the Hubs and I ordered for our little one, and just got in the mail the other day...

Spot the Scottie toes in the background? You're never too far from a furry sidekick around these parts. :)

Have any of you mamas ever seen or used one of these?

I found out about these neat little gadgets a few months ago, and the Hubs and I discussed whether or not to invest in one...they are a little pricey for a tiny as they are, ringing in at just about $100USD. We decided to take the plunge in the end...

Curious yet?

This little thing is a movement sensor for baby.

There's a tiny clip on the backside, and the gadget itself weighs next to nothing!
You slip it over the top edge of baby's diaper so the little purple tip is always touching baby's body. Then, should baby start breathing erratically, or stop breathing, the monitor will vibrate enough to wake them and ideally jump-start regular, sleeping breaths...
If this vibrating doesn't work properly, an audio alert will sound, notifying parents/caregivers that baby isn't breathing/moving properly.
The monitor also records any erratic breaks in movement/breathing so that even if baby roused on their own or in response to the vibration alert, you will be able to tell that alerts were required during baby's sleep.

I thought, even for the price, that this little gadget would pay for itself with the peace of mind I could find by using it while our little one sleeps. :)

Maybe it's just my first-time-mom neurosis kicking in, but things like SIDS scare the life out of me on idea alone...

This monitor isn't guaranteed to prevent anything. But it is designed with peace of mind as far as slumbering little ones are concerned.

And that's enough for me.

I did read all kinds of different first-hand user reviews before we invested in this monitor for ourselves...both good and not-so-impressed.

So what do you all think? Would you invest in one of these neat little gadgets, just for your own peace of mind as a parent? Did you purchase and use something similar for your little one?

I'd love to hear what you mamas out there think, whether you're a converted user of a movement monitor, or this is the first time you've even seen anything like this!

So weigh-in in the comments section of this entry!