Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Popping in with zero news...

Nope, no baby yet, my darling readers!

I wish I had different news to share, but it's still not time yet, I guess...

I know that my absence got some hope up that the big show had finally gone down...but I promise I'll post when our little one finally makes her big debut...which had better be soon because going off of my later, revised due date, I am now three days overdue and counting!

I have an appointment on friday morning to see if anything is starting to happen on it's own, or if any kind of action might need to be taken...and I'm really hoping that I won't even have need for that appointment, let alone intervention!

My parents are here visiting now, and I don't think anyone thought I would still be pregnant when they got here!

As always, stay tuned!