Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Waiting and waiting...

Well the multiple, daily messages have begun to roll in...

And I deflect at least a handful a day with the same response:

"No. I'm still pregnant. I'll keep you posted."

Bazinga embodied my feelings on the matter pretty accurately the other day while napping:

I really just wanted an excuse to post this photo of him...he looks like a chubby little old man that fell asleep in his recliner after a big dinner! ...with his orange raccoon tail! LOL.

Now here's to hoping that I won't have to turn down all these requests for information, for much longer with that same response anyway!

Especially because my parents will be here for their first ever visit to Norway, this coming Friday!

I'm so excited to see them, but I really did think I our little one would be here well before they arrived!
But that might just not be the case, and my Mom might get to see me in the flesh in my current, super-pregnant state after all!

Because I guess our little princess is just not ready to come out yet...

And tomorrow the Hubs and I are headed to the midwife to check up on her again; she just how big she's gotten, and thus if we're going to just keep waiting out her debut on her own little secret schedule, or if something will have to be done...that means that big scary "I" word...induction.

It's definitely not an appointment I'm looking forward to! And will just be praying for the best possible news!

So until then, we're just playing that waiting game...and have been for a while!

Now it's just to see if I'll have a grandbaby out and in the world for my parents before they touch down in a few days, or if they get to play the waiting game along with us after they arrive!

Stay tuned, darling readers!