Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Aurora...

I decided recently, in the style of some other mommy/parent bloggers I know, that I would write a series of letters to our precious baby girl over the course of her childhood...

Not just for my own sake; to keep track of certain milestones in her life and how she reacted to different things, etc., but also so that Aurora will be able to even read these letters later in her life and see what her Mommy was thinking and feeling while she grew up.

So here we go, the first letter to my baby girl...

September 6, 2012
2 weeks, 5 days old.

Dearest Aurora,
You’re nearly three weeks old now. My goodness, how time has flown in the beginning of your life!
To say you changed my life forever, would be a HUGE understatement. You didn’t just change my life, you started it…
As corny as it might sound, the moment the midwives placed you, all gooey and dazed onto my chest, I felt like I could hear the Lord whisper in my ear: “This is it. This is why you’re here. To be her mother.”
It was like I had been waiting my whole life for that moment, to hear your voice for the first time, and feel your little body against mine. I’ll never ever forget your birth, my darling girl, and not just because it was such a long, painful, intense experience for me!  It was the moment my life really began.
These first weeks of your life, we’ve been practically inseparable, you and I. Your favorite place to sleep is on my chest, and it’s where you sleep the deepest and longest…and even though it limits my mobility, it’s my favorite place for your to be too. I just hate putting you down. I cover your little head with kisses, and nuzzle you every chance I get…
I just sit and stare at your sleeping face, and never get anything done any more!
You look just like an angel while you’re sleeping. Like a little cherub relief in a chapel. You hold my thumb in your tiny hand, or grasp onto my shirt collar or necklace, like you’re afraid I’ll slip away, or put you down while you’re sleeping…if I try to put you down after you fall asleep (not my first choice either!), you never fall for it, and always wake up mad!
You’re co-sleeping with Daddy and I, in our bed. I’m so glad that’s what I decided for you to do before you got here, I can’t imagine not waking up to your little face  next to mine every morning.
You’re a great sleeper, and have always slept through the night, for at least 4-5 hours at a time, so I can usually rest up pretty well too! Even though you can’t scoot around on your own yet, you manage to wiggle away from your area of the bed during the course of the night every night, and I wake up with your little face pressed against my arm, neck or shoulder. You have your own tiny, flat pillow and duvet, but I guess you like sleeping under my blankets more, because I can’t keep you away from them…and it’s not like I mind either.
You’re obsessed with getting head control too, and get frustrated that you can’t use your legs to stand or crawl on my body! You’re already able to turn your head from side to side if you try very hard, and your neck is getting so strong! You scare me a little though, because you’re so anxious to be able to move your head around, that you can make it flop forward suddenly, so I’m always cupping my hands around your little cheeks to make sure you don’t hurt yourself!
You’re a pretty good eater too, and the nurse came to visit you here at our house the other day, and commented on how good, quiet, and of course how beautiful you are…
You have big, round blue eyes that have started to lighten in color in the past week…especially around your iris. I can’t wait to see if your eyes will turn green like mine, or stay blue like your Daddy’s.
You’ve been out shopping a few times and even out to eat once in your short little life, and you always sleep through the whole experience (or nearly all of it), and riding in your carseat always gets you snoozing peacefully too.
You’ve already got a nickname too: Roo. As in Rory Roo. It suits you, and I think you especially like when I call you Princess Roo.
Even though you weigh over eight pounds now (about four kilos), you’re still wearing the smallest size diapers and many of your newborn clothes are still very big and baggy on your little body. You have long legs, and are starting to get those adorable little chub rolls on your thighs and forearms from your healthy appetite! Your little umbilical cord stump still hasn’t fallen off yet, but it’s starting to loosen up quite a bit, and I’m hoping it will be dried up and gone soon, so we can start giving you proper baths!
We’ve bathed you a few times now, and you definitely don’t like it, but don’t scream the whole time, like many infants do. Daddy and I bathed you just this morning, and you didn’t start really screaming until I started washing your hair…
You have so much hair too, Aurora! I don’t know why, but I was so surprised when you were born with all your hair, I guess I had always figured, for whatever reason, that you would be a bald baby, but that’s not the case…at the hospital, all the nurses and midwives said you had the same hair as me. That definitely made me smile, my sweet girl. You have so much on the back of your head, that it lays over your collar…we call it your ‘baby mullet’. It’s so sweet.
The first week of your life you spent in the NICU unit of the hospital because you picked up an infection from me while you were being born. I knew you were in good hands, but it was so hard for me to watch you get medicine put in your tiny catheter you had in your little head, then your hand.
Anyway, you’re sleeping wrapped up on my chest right now, and will probably wake up and need to be nursed soon. I’ll try and keep these letters to you up, especially during your first year of life.
You’re our first baby, and we named you Aurora, after the Roman goddess of the dawn, the Latin word for the brilliant beginning of the day. You’re the beginning of our life as a family.

Mommy loves you, sweetie.