Monday, September 17, 2012

Dry pipes, runaway puppies, the new norm, and a whole lot of glass.

Well it's been a very busy month around our household!

I promise I will try and blog as often as I can in the future, but hope you darlings will forgive me and allow a little leniency for the time being, what with me being totally absorbed in that precious baby of mine these days...

That being said, the Hubs and I are now attempting to get back to 'normal' everyday life.

Life that now includes Miss Aurora, of course. :) (Who is doing great, and totally amazing in general, btw.)

The Hubs is back at work (as of today) and we're now done hosting my family members as post-birth company...

My Aunt just left the other day, and it was super hard to see her go.

It always is, saying goodbye to family, to people you love when you know how long it will be until you see them again...and now having an additional little family member that will also be super far away from them on a daily basis, it's all that much more difficult.

"Say tourists!"

Right before we said goodbye :(

Anyway, this first 'normal' day has been super exciting already...

With Daddy away at work, Miss Aurora and I did just fine, but managed to knock over and shatter a glass jar full of beach glass & shells from back home in you know, in other words: a whole lot of glass on the floor.

That was right after I had let the dogs outside for a routine facilities-trip, and they decided to jump in a random lady's car. While the baby was screaming to be fed too, of course. Thankfully I looked out the window to see my dogs getting ready to go live with a stranger, and managed to scream them out of her vehicle while she very confusedly (and understandably flustered) asked me where a nearby cultural attraction was. (She had ended up in our driveway when she over-shot it. It happens all the time.)

Oh! And also, I woke up this morning with no water in our house.

No joke.

The Hubs called the county office to see what was going on, and found out that this whole week, the water mains are being flushed and our water could/will turn on and off randomly and possibly be of 'compromised quality'.

Always what you want to hear when you're home with an infant. Your water is either gone, or dirty.

I was just thanking God Aurora isn't on formula, because that would have made today even more challenging and fun than it already was. I guess on a that sidenote, laundry, dishes, and possibly even showering is off the books for the week. Gee thanks, folks.

Did I mention that when the Hubs called and asked about this, the person he spoke to said : "Sir, you were warned about this happening."?

Well no, sweetie, we obviously weren't, or we wouldn't be calling you asking why we don't have water at our house.

Soooooo, anyway.

Normal is overrated. Isn't that what they say these days? ;)

Take care, my darling readers! And stay tuned, I'll pop in sometime soon!