Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Ball

Well in our neck of the woods anyway, autumn is in full swing!

And it's my favorite time of year. :)

Beautiful leaves changing color, crisp clean air, apples and pumpkin on the menu, Halloween is just around the corner...couldn't be better!

We have a little apple tree in our front yard that yielded some serious fruit this season too! We harvested an 10-liter bucket full over tart little red apples from the tree already, and there's probably another half bucket still on the branches!

You know what that means...

I popped on my super festive, vintage apple apron and got to work!

I made a huge apple crisp, using my Grammy's recipe...which turned out to be extremely yummy.

Then I cooked up a huge pot of applesauce too!

(And there's still an odd dozen apples in the bucket!)

The Weegies aren't familiar with apple crisp really, and definitely NOT applesauce, so while he enjoyed the crisp, the Hubs was nonplussed with my homemade applesauce.

Boo. :(

Maybe his family will enjoy it though, because I was thinking about dropping off some of it with them since I made so much...

Oh well. You can't win them all, I guess! I thought it was I guess I'll be eating a whole lot of it!

My Mom also sent a great Halloween package to us already...she custom made two different snack mixes, one for me and one for the Hubs and sealed them in little tupperware bowls. Such a great idea...evidenced by my snack mix tub being half empty already. 0_0

She also sent some really cute little outfits for the occasion for Rory...

Sorry, I couldn't get this image to turn the right way!
Look at the little "My first Halloween" tutu onesie!


Anyway, aside from baking, and cooking and being obsessed with my new mommyhood duties, we're all doing pretty well around here...

Next weekend will be Aurora's baptism, and I'm pretty excited for her. It's a very special day for her, and I just hope everything will go smoothly...

She's being baptized in the same little chapel that the Hubs was baptized and confirmed in, wearing a christening gown that was made by the Hub's great-great-grandmother in 1913, and used by many, many babies over many generations.

How neat is that? ;)

After the service, we're planning on having my in-laws and the Hub's grandparents (who are set to be Aurora's godparents too) over for a little luncheon at our house.

We'll have the meal catered, so other than tidying up and setting up a fancy-looking little table, I won't have much to worry about on the day...

Except for what I'll be wearing...

Uff da.

Dressing a body that's still bouncing back from pregnancy and birth? Not super easy.

I just don't want Aurora to look back at photos from the day and be embarrassed by what Mommy looked like!

No pressure, right? :P

Anyway, I hope you all are have an amazing, festive autumn-season these days.

Stay tuned for footage and photos from Aurora's baptism in the next couple weeks!