Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six weeks today!

My sweet little Roo is six weeks old today!

Time has really flown already!

I managed to actually put her in her bassinet while she's napping just now (instead of holding her the whole time), and wrote her a week six letter.

Here we go...

September 29, 2012
6 weeks old

Dearest Aurora,
God is good!
I can’t believe you’re already six weeks old!
It feels like just yesterday you were still kicking inside my belly, yet also that you’ve been here with me, cradled in my arms forever now…
You’re napping next to me in your little bassinet right now. I could tell that when I sat you down inside it, you were a little disappointed and dismayed as to why you couldn’t keep snoozing on my chest…that’s still your favorite place to sleep, and you’ll sleep contentedly for hours in my arms if I let you. I usually do let you too. Because it’s my favorite place for you to nap too. Even if it means I’ve had to learn to do all kinds of tasks with just one arm…
You went to a well-baby check-up at the beginning of this last week. You’ve grown five whole centimeters in length, and weigh just under five kilos.
The nurse said you’re very tall for your age, and commented on your long legs…you definitely didn’t get those from me! ;)
I was so happy and relieved to hear you are the picture of a healthy baby, and there is nothing to worry about with you…just to keep feeding and feeding you so you’ll put on more weight.
Your Daddy is now fully back in the swing of working every weekday. That means that it’s just you and I at home every afternoon…
I adore every moment of our days together, my sweet Roo. From the minute your tiny legs start kicking at me in our bed every morning, to when Daddy comes home in the afternoon and plays with you while I make dinner for us…I just nurse you, rock you while you sleep and carry you around the house all day long. I think you’ll be a little mini-me before too long!
You’re generally very happy and sweet in your mood. Sometimes you get grumpy(especially if I have to wake you up before you’re ready!), and stick out your bottom lip…I can’t help but smile and laugh when you do so, it’s the cutest little mad face I’ve ever seen!
It seems like we’re past a nasty little bout of colic with you…thank God too! It hurts my heart so much to hear you cry and cry and not be able to really comfort you and make you feel better. You cried and screamed for a few nights in a row last week, and it was tough on both Daddy and I. I think I figured out though, that if I eat too much dairy, it really makes your little belly hurt, so I’ve stocked up on soy milk to cook/bake with and am trying to be super conscious of what I’m eating during the day for your sake. I just hope you won’t have an upset stomach because of dairy products for your whole life, I have that problem and wouldn’t want you to have to deal with it too…
You’re a very good little eater and I nurse you whenever you want. I love nursing you, my sweet girl, and recently you’ve started to break your latch just to smile and laugh up at me while you’re eating. It just melts my heart when you smile at me. I don’t think that will change anytime soon. You fall asleep while nursing pretty often too, which is very sweet to see, but has been problematic at times…I don’t have the heart to wake and move you usually but it often means that when you do wake up, you’ll be gassy and upset. :( Just the other day, you started dozing off while nursing and ended up vomiting all over me…it was actually really scary for me, seeing so much coming out of your little body…not to mention, it soaked us both!
You’re pretty good at making messes like that and facilitating wardrobe changes for Mommy! This morning you blew out your diaper all over your little blanket and my pants! You were pretty upset when that resulted in an impromptu morning bath too…I don’t think it’s the bathing itself so much that you hate, but how cold and wet you are afterwards!
You can also talk a lot already! Especially after a good nursing session in the afternoon, you like to be propped up on my lap so we can chat. You’ll just sit there and coo and giggle at me while I talk and sing to you. You’re so smart, and I can tell you really want to tell me stories already. I can’t wait to hear your little voice once you really can say words! You love music too, and I sing to you every day. You usually just get really quiet and stare into my eyes and at my mouth while I do…I sing you all kinds of things, but you seem to really like classic rock ballads as lullabies. Your Grandmama used to sing the same kind of songs to me and your Aunt and Uncle when we were babies, so it makes sense that you would like them so much too, I guess…
You’ve never liked to be swaddled and treated like a tiny baby, even from the day you were born you’ve been so mature, and prefer to be propped up while you’re awake, just like a little grown-up.
Your hair is starting to grow a bit too, and I can’t wait until the two places above your temples are fully grown in too…your Aunt Cass joked that you have your Dad’s hairline in the meantime! (The nurses had to buzz back your hair a little on each side of your head in order to put catheters in your head while we were in the NICU following the week of your birth.)
You have these long wispy hairs starting to fill out on the very top of your head, and your Dad keeps trying to brush them off of your scalp because he can’t believe they are yours instead of a stray hair from my head that just landed on you!
You’re getting so big already, my sweet little Roo. Caring for you every single day is the most amazing job I’ve ever had in my life, and I know it will just get better and better (and more and more challenging too!) as you continue to grow and develop. I can’t wait.
Mommy loves you.