Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The baptism shindig...

While I don't have a whole lot of time at the moment, I did want to pop in and share some photos with you all from Aurora's baptism on Sunday...

She didn't make a peep when the water poured over her head! Just smiled at the pastor during the blessing! I was so proud!

Our little family with the Hub's grandparents, who were also Roo's god parents...

...and with the Pastor too. He did a great job on the entire service that day!
The luncheon table I set up...not too shabby if I say so myself! :)

Check out these fancy cakes!

Roo with Grandma and Grandpa

'Uncle Aleks' holds his niece for the first time...he met her for the first time that day too (the Hub's youngest brother...he lives a few hours away from us and is a college student), and declared himself the favorite uncle already!

The Hub's little sister held Roo for the first time too that day!

So all in all, the whole day went very smoothly...

Great food, good conversation with the family, and a great church service where none of the six babies that were being baptized fussed much at all!

I felt very blessed and thankful for the day. :)

Have a great week everyone!