Friday, November 30, 2012

A final dose...

Well November is coming to a close now, darling readers, so you all know what that means...let's shut down this Thankfulness challenge!

Day 26: Today I'm thankful for my little sister. It's her 23rd birthday today! I remember when she was born...and I asked my Mom; "Can the baby go back to her mommy now?", and was a little disappointed to find out that she wasn't going anywhere. LOL. Sorry Alex! Love you!

Day 27: Today I'm thankful that the ominous toothache I had been having was just a little gap between my crown and gumline, and the dentist could fill it in right there and then at the office...and I didn't have any cavities either! Phew!

Day 28: Today I'm thankful that my darling Hubs got to celebrate his 29th birthday with his favorite birthday dinner, made by yours truly. :) (Two big steak cuts, potatoes and creamy gravy with 'Queen Maud Pudding' for dessert.)

Day 29: Today I'm thankful, and so excited to have a baby in the house for Christmas this year! It will be little Roo's first Christmas, and last year I had just found out I was expecting before the holidays...what a difference a year makes, right?!

Day 30: Today I'm thankful for making it through this thankfulness challenge! I might have bundled days more often than not, but I always have something to be grateful for, no matter how small it may seem...

And I bet you all do too.

So even if you weren't participating in the 30-days of thankfulness challenge, I hope you took time this month to thank the Lord for your blessings...

Now bring on December, and Christmas, right? ;)