Monday, November 19, 2012

Back again!

While, darling readers, I've done it again!

That is, skipped out on my day-to-day postings for the 30-days of Thankfulness challenge...

So I'm here to play catch up...ready?

Day 14: Today I'm thankful for my family's health. Not just the Hubs, Aurora and myself (we are all blessedly healthy!), but our extended family too. Thank God that we haven't had any major or super scary health scares for anyone in the past year. Thank you, Lord Jesus for blessing us all with healthy bodies!

Day 15: Today I'm thankful that I finally remembered to renew my visa! I don't know what happened to me this year, but not until the other night, did I remember that I hadn't filed my visa reapplication forms yet this year, and my current visa expires on the 8th of December...yikes! I just woke up in a panic the other night when I realized that it still needed to be done! It will be a little tight, but I think my application will get processed in time now...thank God!

Day 16: Today I'm thankful that for my morning Bible devotion time. Lately I've been able to wake up in the morning, awoken by my sweet little Aurora, and once I get us settled into our first nursing session of the day, I pull out my Bible and the daily devotion app on my phone and have some quiet time with the Lord. Roo and I are snuggled up under the covers together, her happily having her breakfast, and me getting spiritually fed to begin my day. It's so lovely. I'm going to really try and keep this up, because I feel so peaceful and centered beginning the day with some Bible time...I definitely recommend it!

Day 17: Today I'm thankful that the Hubs and I got out of the house on time and made it safely up to Hardanger for our weekend with family! What a beautiful drive too! Thank you, Jesus for guiding us safely to Lofthus today.

Day 18: Today I'm thankful that we got to spend the weekend with family. Eating great food, playing games together and checking out the Hub's Uncle's family cabin in the mountains. I'm also thankful that we got home safe too, and our dogs behaved themselves and were safe with the Hub's Aunt while we were away for the weekend!

Day 19: Today I'm thankful for the helpful lady at the immigration office at the town police station. The Hubs and I headed to the police station today in Haugesund to get my visa renewed. I've renewed my visa once a year for three years now, which is since we first arrived here in Norway.
Now that I've been here these past three years (nearly!), and completed all my Norwegian courses and passed the exams, I'm able to apply for permanent citizenship! That's pretty exciting, I thought. :)
So the lady at the immigration office made sure I got all the right forms filed today, and pushed the application through for the business day today, so there will be enough time for the application to go through before my current visa expires. So now I'll just be waiting for a letter in the post letting me know my application was accepted, then I have to head down to the police station again to get my photo taken and fingerprints registered for a permanent residency ID card (in place of a visa sticker in my passport).
What's crazy is that in 2016, I could then apply for full citizenship and swap out my passport for a Norwegian one!

Anyway, I'll do a post later this evening and photo dump all the pictures The Hubs and I took from this weekend away with the family, and post a little on what happened stay tuned!