Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7 of Thankfulness and a letter to Aurora!

It's now been a full week of Thankfulness!

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet, and thanked the Lord for your blessings this week?

Because today, Day 7, I am so thankful for friendship. :)

I admittedly don't have many friends here in Norway still, but I'm very thankful for the blessing that my friends (here and in the States too of course!) bring me. All the amazing fellowship we can have together, and encouragement we are able to give one another is so uplifting...and fun!

Tomorrow the Hubs and I are heading over to have dinner with a couple from our church. We've become friends through the backdrop of our church family, and have babies that are only two months apart in age, so it will be fun to watch them grow up to be friends with one another too!

Thank you, Lord Jesus for friendship. :)


Also, in the spirit of sharing, I did manage to write a letter to my sweet Aurora last took a while to get hammered out, since it's not that easy to write a letter while holding her at the same time!

Anyway, if you all wanted to take a look, here it is...she's growing up so fast!

October 31, 2012
10 weeks, 4 days old

My Dearest Aurora,
I’ve been meaning to write you a letter for a while now, but you’ve been clinging to me like a little barnacle nearly every afternoon these days!
Maybe you’re having a growth spurt, because it seems that if you’re not napping –which you’ll only do peacefully, and for more than an hour at a time, if you’re in my arms- you’re wanting to nurse…other than it impeding me wanting to get certain things done while Daddy is away at work, I don’t mind. I really truly cherish cradling you in my arms and feeling your little hands wrapped around my fingers while you nurse.
We’ve started reading books to you recently now too. Your little attention span doesn’t last for more than 10-odd minutes usually (which is pretty long for your age!), but you seem to really enjoy going through the books your Grandmama has sent us. They are all about identifying different colors and animals. While I’m usually the one that reads to you, the other day you sat on Daddy’s lap and read a book…it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen; your little eyes following what he was pointing at on the pages…I can’t wait to watch you grow and be able to read storybooks to you. I just know you’ll love them like I did when I was a little girl.
I also pulled up an episode of Sesame Street for you on this past weekend…you really liked it! I really loved seeing you watch and smile at a show Grandmama and I used to watch everyday when I was little…
Yesterday we went over to Maria’s house (from church) and had a little playdate with her baby daughter and Anne Charlotte and her little baby. While the three of you took naps in little shifts and didn’t do much playing and interacting with each other just yet, I know you’ll be fast friends growing up...
We also had a Halloween party last Saturday for Farmor’s side of the family, here at our house. It was really fun! Everyone dressed in costumes and I served snacks and we chatted for hours. All your aunts, uncles, Oldemor and Oldefar and your cousins came. You wore a little ‘My First Halloween’ onesie that your Grandmama sent you. She even sewed a little black tutu skirt around the orange mid-section of the onesie. It was a big hit at our party! Your cousin Magnus held you for the first time during the party, and everyone fawned over how sweet you are, and kissed your round little cheeks…oh! And it snowed a couple of days before the party, so we even had a ‘white Halloween’!
Daddy and I also are having you shower with me now, instead of bathing you in your little tub. You seem to like it more, and don’t fuss or cry if I’m holding you against me in the shower to bathe you. You do however, do this adorable little barking-whine if you think that you’re face is getting too close to the shower stream…it’s hard to try to console you that I wouldn’t get your face wet when you’re so cute  making that noise!
Recently, almost every time I lean in and kiss you near or on your little mouth, you will try to kiss back! You don’t really get how to yet, but I think you know you have to move your mouth somehow to kiss back, so you just pop your mouth wide open in response, then smile at me. It’s the best thing ever.
When we put you on your changing table, you have this new little thing you do: you put up your little fists, one in front of the other, in a boxing stance! I call them your ‘power ranger hands’. You do it nearly every time we lay you down to change you…I don’t know why, but you think it’s funny I think, because you stare up at Daddy and I and laugh if we try and put your arms down, or bump our fists against yours.
You’re wearing bibs now over your little outfits everyday, because you’re a little drooler! If you don’t wear one, we end up changing your whole outfit a few times a day!
I’m trying to wean you off of using the little plastic nursing shield that you got used to while you were in the NICU unit of the hospital after your birth…it’s not that you can’t nurse from my bare breast, it’s that you’re usually so impatient for food, and have to work a little harder without the shield, so you will just scream at me if I try to make you go without…no matter how hungry you are! My newest trick is to start you off using the shield, let you get a good latch going, then wiggle it out from under you…it usually works, and I hope we can hang up our little nursing helper pretty soon and go au naturel!
I have to go now, my little sweet potato pie, you’re starting to fuss from napping in your bassinet next to me…you finally noticed that I had put you down mid-nap to type this!
Mommy loves you.