Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's coming up...

That's right, y'all Turkey Day itself is just around the corner now, but there's still more than a week left of thankfulness to account for!

Day 20: Today I'm thankful for my ability to stay home with my daughter. I respect the choices of all women regarding the decision to stay at home full time, or return to work after the birth of their children. For me personally, here at home with her 24/7 is right where I want to be.
When I look at that sweet face every day, I cannot imagine leaving her with someone else all week long!
And we're so blessed to live in a country that helps support our family financially for nearly a full calender year so I can stay home with Aurora.
And even more blessed to have an opportunity to serve the Lord and enrich the life of a child in need by then beginning my career as a foster mother after that pregnancy leave time is over. Staying home with my biological child, and foster child, being able to focus 100% on parenting my children will be the greatest blessing. Thank you for leading me here, Jesus.