Friday, November 23, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness...

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

I hope you all had full bellies and houses full of family and love the other day...and every day for that matter! :)

We celebrated pretty low-key...just the Hubs, Aurora and I.
I would have loved to have some of my in-laws over, but since the 'weekend' pantry remodel project is still very much underway (more than two weeks later!), and my dining area is a swamp of food, laundry drying, over-size pots and pans and stockpiles of paper products...that would have been a little difficult. :P

Anyway, I made a big turkey stuffed with apples and onions, some green bean casserole from scratch (vegan too!), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and this great sweet potato casserole recipe from Southern Living magazine. Yum!

What did you all have on the menu?

Anyway, just because Thanksgiving is over, doesn't mean the Thankfulness challenge is over...we've still got a full week left!

Day 21:Today I'm thankful for our winter tires on the car that keep us driving safe in long Norwegian winters, and that the Hubs can put them on himself! We don't have to store our tires in a 'tire hotel' like many people that are garage/basement-less do, and even if it takes him all day, the Hubs can even change them out himself so we can save money that way too! Thankfully we had them on our tires this past weekend when we went on our little family vacay because we definitely needed them up in the mountains!

Day 22: Today I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. :) It might be a little bit of a redundant blessing to recognize in the 30days of Thankfulness challenge, but it's no less true! The smell of turkey and all the fixings cooking the other day made me super homesick and miss my family in the States. But I felt so blessed so be able to skype with my family in Nebraska/Wyoming and even call my Mom in Washington for a minute, and wish them all a great day. I just pray that someday in the future the Hubs and Aurora and I will be able to spend Thanksgiving with them again.

Day 23: Today I'm thankful for the weekend! There's no place I'd rather be than home with my baby, but I'm always very relieved to have a little extra help from the Hubs all day during the weekends. Even if it's just enough help for me to get some laundry caught up, take a long shower, or even play some video games for a few minutes. It's important to unwind and recharge your batteries when you can so that you can be that much more dedicated and involved with your child! Thank you, Jesus for bringing our family together every evening and weekend!